Quintessence of Tonkin show (22:43 26/09/2018)

HNP - Inspired by rural daily life, tradition, folk art and festival, the Quintessence of Tonkin show is definitely a must-see if you are interested in tradition and want to get a cultural insight.

(source: tienphong.vn)

•    Location: Da Phuc village, Sai Son commune, Quoc Oai suburban district, Ha Noi
•    Duration: 60 minutes (approx.); Daily performance, 8PM to 9PM
•    Round-trip shared transfer (pick-up and drop-off place: 49 Hai Ba Trung Street, Hanoi Towers, Hai Ba Trung District)
•    Dinner upon request (with additional charge)
•    Promotion for group ticket (book tickets online for groups of 10 or more and save up to 10%)
•    Subject to weather conditions. If the show is canceled due to poor weather, you will be given the option of an alternative date or refund.


A scene in the show (source: vietnamtourism.gov.vn)

The show includes multiple scenes, each of them tell its own story in an unique way. For example, rural life and villagers’ daily activities are featured with farmers working in the rice field, local girls and boys chatting and joking near a lotus pond, a men fishing in the river, or a mother gently singing a lullaby to her baby. Laser lights and ancient folk songs accompany the performers, giving audience a vivid experience. Traditional music is introduced in another scene, as four young women appear on the darkened surface of the lake, each of them play a traditional Vietnamese musical instrument. Meanwhile, beautiful fairies fly and dance, gracefully skimming the surface of the lake. Joy and festival is highlighted in the last scene, from the "challenge and response" singing competition of Quan Ho folk music to traditional games, all are portrayed vividly and convincingly.

These marvelous spectacles will bring you closer to Viet Nam's history and tradition. The spirit of the show is reflected perfectly through its name. You will immerse yourself into the amazing performance and admire the dancers' skills, enjoy the enchanting music, and experience the atmosphere of a serene village life in the North of Viet Nam. The show aims to tell a story of cultural highlights of Northern Vietnam, with real life performers, delightful water puppetry, stunning light show, an evocative soundtrack and the mountains of Thay Pagoda. All of them are combined to create a fabulous extravaganza that tugs on the heart strings. A traditional village is the setting; traditional instruments and vocal arts are used in the program, offering audiences an experience that they probably have never had before.

The Quintessence of Tonkin show is performed by two troupes: the dancers and the farmers from Quoc Oai suburban district. This is one of the most interesting points of the show. Local farmers are not trained professionally, yet they perform so naturally with all their passion and love. You will feel just like you are truly in the rural area and watching the peasants do farm work. For their part, the dancers bring youth, vitality and vibrancy to the show. Together, the two troupes bring the show to life in a compelling visual performance.


By Mai Phuong

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