Ionah show, a fascinating journey filled with colors (16:40 24/09/2018)

HNP – Introduced for the first time in 2015 in Ha Noi, Ionah show is an art entertainment program which combines music, circus art, choreography, acting and visual effect perfectly, with world class theatrical technology. Customers experience a magical yet realistic story, where the Oriental flavor combines with the Western beauty.

The name “Ionah” would sound like a foreign name, but actually it is not: “Ionah” is just “Ha Noi” written in reverse. The show is truly a gift originated from Ha Noi lovers. There were over 300 performances in the first two years after launching, and now Ionah becomes an essential experience for both Vietnamese and foreign visitors.

In around 75 minutes of the show, you will embrace a beautiful Ha Noi's modernism on stage. You will see not only the classic scenery of city like Long Bien Bridge or the Old Quarters, but also surreal, colorful scences on the stage, which will lead you to wander in a wonder world. As a blend of the classic and the modern, the show depicts a Viet Nam love story, with insights into the life and culture of Ha Noi. There are no language requirements; it is suitable for every one, even children, and the storyline is quite easy to follow through the vibrant dance performance.

One of the highlights of Ionah is the costumes. You will be amazed by the unique and sophisticated costume of the characters in Ionah show; each of them has his/her own portrayal and costumes to create an excellent visual impression, apart from stunning light effects and movements.



By Mai Phuong

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