Special cultural events in March (21:22 11/03/2018)

HNP - Taiyou Matsuri (Sun Festival), Francophone Film Festival and Exhibition on former Vietnamese education and examinations are some special cultural events scheduled to be held in Ha Noi in March.

Francophone Film Festival wil be held from March 18 to April 1.

Exhibition on former Vietnamese education and examinations

An exhibition on former Vietnamese education and examinations, presented through documentary heritages of the world, opened on March 5th at the Temple of Literature.

Accordingly, more than 50 photos, documents and items reflecting the old Vietnamese education and examination system are on display.

The exhibits were selected from three world documentary heritages of Viet Nam: Woodblocks of the Nguyen dynasty (1802 - 1945), Imperial Archives of the Nguyen dynasty, and stone stele records of imperial examinations at the Temple of Literature.

The exhibition is divided into three main parts, introducing the history of Viet Nam’s education and examinations through dynasties, the Temple of Literature  -  the country’s first university, and the stone stele records.

According to UNESCO, the Imperial Archives of the Nguyen dynasty are administrative archives of the last feudal dynasty of Vietnam and in the region which lasted from 1802 to 1945.


The collection reflects all aspects of history of the Vietnamese society at the time and the diplomatic relations of the Nguyen dynasty with other countries all over the world. The collection is also the only original administrative records which contains the autographs of ten Nguyen emperors.

The 34,555 plates of woodblocks of the Nguyen dynasty helped to record official literature and history, as well as classic and historical books. Therefore, apart from their historical value, the woodblocks also have artistic and technical merit, as they mark the development of woodblock carving and the printing profession in Viet Nam.

The exhibition is being held by the State Records and Archives Department and it will run until April 5.

Taiyou Matsuri (Sun Festival)

The Taiyou Matsuri (Sun Festival) will take place at the Viet Nam National University of Agriculture (Gia Lam District) on March 13.

The event, the second of its kind, aims to create a free venue for students to boost exchanges with the Japanese-speaking community in Ha Noi, as well as foreigners who share a passion for the Japanese culture and language.

The festival will introduce visitors to cultural practices, signature dishes and folk games of the two countries.

Visitors are invited to learn Japanese calligraphy and Origami (Japanese paper folding art), try on Kimono and Yukata (casual summer kimono), as well as a sumo wrestler costume, and make Japanese traditional masks and dolls.

They can also take part in a performance of cosplay costumes and a lucky draw with many interesting prizes.

Francophone Film Festival

Film lovers will have the chance to enjoy cinema works by the Francophone community at a film festival to be held in Ha Noi from March 18 to April 1.

As part of the activities to celebrate International Francophonie Day (March 20), the festival aims to introduce the cultural diversity of the Francophone community to international friends.
This year’s festival will screen 11 films, including Quai d'Orsay, Mission du Coeur, Notre Étrangère, Ma vie de Courgette, Faut Pas Lui Dire, Rock the casbah, Gabrielle; Et maintenant on va où?; Aida; Jack et la mécanique du cœur; and Michael Kohlhaas.

Each film will be screened in the Vietnamese language with French subtitles.

By Le Anh

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