The Pig Procession of La Phu Village (15:47 17/02/2017)

HNP - Every year on the 13th day of the first lunar month, residents of La Phu Village, Hoai Duc District jubilantly celebrate the Pig Procession festival. By far, the procession of “Mr. Pig” has become an ancient traditionally ritual in this area.

Making up for Mr Pig, nearly 165 kilograms.

The Pig Procession began as a form of entertaining the army of the Great Holy Tam Lang in the 6th Hung Due Vuong. Then, La Phu villagers worship him as the tutelary God of the village. The festival is part of the unique traditional culture of the village, and a way to wish every spring for a plentiful year and peace.

To prepare for the procession, since the beginning of last year, every village pick up a well-off family to raise a pig with special caring to stretch 120-200 kilograms. A neighbor will together contribute to raising costs. Each “Mr. Pig” will be its own special care, such as daily showered, get out mosquito nets to even mount the fan in hot weather.

Early in the morning of the 13th day of the first lunar month, the pigs are brought to the house of a host family in each hamlet to be butchered. Then the hamlets send the pigs to the communal house for the ceremony.  The procession in the ancient ritual with trumpets, drums and musical instruments leading the way.

La Phu Commune in Hoai Duc District is well-known for the traditional craft of products in a past and now for knitting with wool which has a long history. The craft is now strongly developing with different categories of products which are much sought after in the domestic market and exported to many countries.

Some images at the Pig Procession of La Phu Village:







The "Mr pig" is carried on a golden palanquin in the procession to the communal house.

By Le Anh

(Source: Hanoimoi)

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