Beaches near Ha Noi (Part two) (16:32 22/11/2017)

HNP - Beaches near Ha Noi make ideal getaways for those who want to dive into the ocean or have a weekend away with friends and families. The following are some beaches near Ha Noi you can choose:

Sam Son Beach

Sam Son is a coastal borough in the east of Thanh Hoa, 16km from the center of Thanh Hoa City. In addition to the gifts that the nature presents, Sam Son also has many attractions for the travelers to explore.

Sam Son Borough has a long and beautiful beach reaching more than 16km in length. The very flat and gentle sandbank, combined with the clean and blue water makes the scenery of Sam Son beach magnificent and attractive. This is a good place to try various local seafood varieties such as shrimps, crabs, fishes and also to bring back home some nice souvenirs.



Besides the beaches, Sam Son also has another fascinating destination with many natural attractions and historical relics: the Truong Le Mountain range. The part that is contiguous to the sea is called Co Giai Islet. On top of this islet, there is a small pagoda named “Doc Cuoc”, which means “One Leg”. The pagoda is the place for the local people to recall the epic legend of a giant that manages to slay a sea monster and to guard the sea in the past.  Also, there is a special rock name “Trong Mai”, formed with two huge boulders on a flat rock. There is a story that these rocks represent a pair of husband and wife, who love each other passionately even when both have been transformed into birds.

Quan Lan Island

This beach is found on Quan Lan Island in Bai Tu Long Bay, between the Minh Chau and Quan Lan Communes of Van Don District, 55 km away from Ha Long City. Its pristine beauty exemplifies the unspoiled environment of the area. The white sand beach, which spans several kilometers, has strong waves backed by the deep blue sea. Behind the beach is a stand of green wild pines, which further add to unique charm of this spot.

The island is situated on an important navigation route that connects China, Japan, Thailand and Philippines to Viet Nam. Along two sides of the island are tens kilometers of sand beaches. This is the endless resource for glass making which the sea gives to man and it is also the extremely interesting tourism.



Among the beaches of Quan Lan, the most pristine is the 2-km-long crescent Minh Chau Beach, whose waves are suitable for water sport, especially surfing and kayaking. Eateries and beachfront restaurants offering good seafood and beer at economical prices are just a few steps from the water.

Aside from the sand and the sea, Quan Lan is also a place of historical landmarks, especially shrines and pagodas, each is aged by the hundreds. At the northeast part of the island are the ruins of the old Van Don Port, one of the most major ports of Dai Viet Dynasty. Quan Lan Town, the most important settlement on the island, offers competent tourist services, ranging from hotels, guesthouses, restaurants to motorbikes and bicycles for rent.

Co To Island

Co To Island/Beach in Quang Ninh Province is probably the most beautiful and romantic beach of Viet Nam with transparent blue sea, white smooth sand, golden sunshine, and green mountains and forest.

Visiting Co To, tourists would not only have a chance to become one with the nature in a relaxing and fresh environment of blue clean seawater, but also to visit primitive forests, the impressive lighthouse of Co To, Ho Chi Minh’s Monument, Co To Pier, fishing village and natural reefs and islets.



Co To Lighthouse is the symbol of the island, which offers the most beautiful panorama of Ha Long Bay. From the lighthouse, tourists will have a great view of a breathtaking picture of the Northern Gulf with unique formation of small islets on emerald water of the bay, the pristine white color of beaches, the lush green color of forests, and yellow rice-fields from a far. On the way to the hill where this lighthouse is located, tourists have an opportunity to go through a romantic forest with a variety of alluring flowers booming along the path, not to mention to melody of the forest composed by thousands rare species of birds.

In general, Co To Island District is comprised of 40 islands varying in size.

Co To Island is usually referred to as “Large Co To Island,” which can be explained by its relatively large area. Despite the growth of Vietnam modern industry, the island still has deserted and aesthetic beaches, one of which is Trinh Sat Beach. This beautiful tropical beach has a wonderful shore with white sands and blue, crystal-like water. The sea at Co To seems to be so nice no matter when you look at it: day or night, sunrise or sunset, under the moonlight or in the morning mist.

Quat Lam beach

Quat Lam Beach is a magnet for foreign tourists as it is just 100 kilometers from Ha Noi.

Local authorities developed the beach after 1997 and thus the beach area, coconut forests, peanut farms and watermelon farms have made way for hotels, restaurants and tourist services. They are close together under shades of sea pine lines, creating a bustling urban area along the beach.



The road to the beach, located 40 kilometers from Quat Lam Town in Giao Thuy District, Nam Dinh City, is smooth so tourists can negotiate their way no problem and once they arrive they will realize that the simple things in life have to enjoyed, chilling out on the beach.

If things get too hot tourists can go for a swim or sit in the shade and enjoy some seafood. Tourists also have the option of visiting Xuan Thuy National Park, which is home to numerous animals, birds, flowers and a huge primeval forest.

Quat Lam salt field is also a destination that visitors to Nam Dinh should not miss.


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