Strengthening popularization of combating violent behaviour (17:06 20/06/2018)

HNP - The Ha Noi Party Committee’s Commission for Education and Popularization has recently released Plan No. 107/KH-BTGTU on strengthening communication on combating violent behaviour in the area.

The plan aims to raise the awareness of political systems at all levels, officials, Party members, communities and the whole society, especially young generation on nature, potential hazards, bad side affects on people’s physical, mental and even human life due to violent behaviour; promoting the political system’s strength to create the consensus and draw the positive participation of the community and the entire society in preventing and combating social violence, domestic violence, school violence in order to set up safe, healthy and peaceful  environment for the Capital’s local residents and domestic, international visitors, contributing to improving the quality of the people’s cultural and spiritual life.

It is necessary to enhance the popularization in association with promoting the national tradition and the beautiful identity of elegant, civilized Hanoians; improving legal awareness and civic responsibility of each individual, family and the society in the fight against violent acts; strengthen the discipline and the strictness of the law for violence.

Especially, the popularization must be implemented regularly under diversified forms with a wide range of practical activities in line with customs, characteristics of each locality and unit.

More efforts should be made to focus on strengthening the popularization in the political system; organizing conferences, meeting with voters and people, etc; innovating communication forms; launching movements to combat violent acts; taking advantages of communication, social network to enhance the fight against violence activities; strengthening communication on Ha Noi Portal, websites of district, towns and on mass media; boosting the cooperation among families, schools, residential areas, villages and state agencies in localities in combating violent behaviour, etc.

By Tran Huong

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