Increasing cooperation to fight smuggling, commercial fraud and fake in the field of health (18:18 14/06/2018)

HNP - The Ha Noi People’s Committee has recently issued Document No. 2576/UBND-KT on increasing cooperation to fight smuggling, commercial fraud and fake in the field of health.

Accordingly, the Department of Industry and Trade (Ha Noi Market Surveillance Department - standing agency of the Steering Committee 389/TP) is responsible for performing following tasks:

- Cooperating with the Department of Health and relevant units to build and implement inter-disciplinary plans to increase inspection, tighten control and fight smuggling, commercial fraud, fake and substandard products in the field of health;

- Directing the Department of Market Surveillance to increase inspection and examination, detect, prevent and severely punish cases of smuggling, trading of smuggled products, production and trading of counterfeit products, goods of low quality, goods of unclear origin, as well as commercial fraud activities in terms of food, cosmetics, functional foods and pharmaceuticals in the market; pay special attention to inspection and control in key places, such as Ninh Hiep Market in Gia Lam district, Nguyen Son street in Long Bien district, and Hoan Kiem district; checking quality of goods in the market.

The Ha Noi Department of Health in cooperation with authorities review licensing for production and check quality of food products, functional food products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and medicines as well as traditional medicines;  increase inspection and examination, check the compliance with norms, registration of product quality, registration for business and business condition for medicines, cosmetics and functional foods; proactively check and supervise quality of medicine, functional food, food and cosmetics in Ha Noi, thus timely detecting and handling problems according to regulation.

The Department of Science and Technology enhances inspection and examination, focusing on standard and quality of products, production and trading conditions for products under their management; cooperates with the Market Surveillance Department to check the measurement of products and product quality in manufacturing and trading establishments of food, cosmetics, functional food and traditional medicines, thus detecting packaging and measurement tricks to gain illicit interest.

The Ha Noi Police Department instructs specialized units, police officers of city’s districts, suburban districts and towns to increase specialized measures to closely follow up the situation in critical places and routes and supervise leaders of the criminal gangs, thus thoroughly eliminating the gangs that deal with trading, transport of smuggled goods, produce and trade fake goods, low-quality goods, goods of unclear origin like food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, functional foods, medicinal herbs and traditional medicines.

The Ha Noi Customs Department increases supervision of imported products prone to commercial fraud of origin, value, quality and quantity, such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and functional foods; closely supervises the situation, and suggests measures to prevent smuggling through export, import,  temporary import for re-export and temporary export for re-import. It also exchanges and provides information about importers of food, medicines, cosmetics, functional food to other authorities upon demand for further cooperation.

The Ha Noi Tax Department increases inspection, examination and supervises implementation of legal policies and law on taxation; takes comprehensive measures to prevent loss of budget; detects and timely handles violations and use of illegal invoices to legalize smuggled, counterfeit, substandard goods, goods of unclear origin like food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, functional foods, as well as other fraudulent acts to evade taxes.

People’s Committees of districts, suburban districts and towns direct authorities to closely cooperate with inspection missions of Ha Noi, proactively build and implement programs, plans and measures to prevent smuggling, commercial fraud and counterfeit products in the field of health, and integrate it into plans and action programs on socio-economic development of localities and proactively allocate fund to implement them.

Furthermore, they instruct authorities to fulfill the task of investigation, update information of individuals and organizations running business in the area, and act as advisor to the People’s Committees at all levels to check, control and prevent smuggling, commercial fraud and counterfeit products in the field of health care, especially in the critical places; increase inspection and examination in the field of medical checkup and treatment, production and trading of medicines, cosmetics, functional food in the areas under their management.

Member agencies and departments of the Ha Noi Steering Committee 389/TP increase information work and popularization of fake, substandard products and products of unclear origin on mass media, thus increasing people’s awareness of the counterfeint goods; publicize information about violations in the fields of food, functional food, cosmetics and medicines; cooperate with the municipal Department of Industry and Trade and relevant agencies to increase the fight against smuggling, commercial fraud and counterfeit products in the field of health according to their authority and functions.

By Mai Phuong

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