City to launch population and family planning work (20:15 22/02/2018)

HNP - The Ha Noi Steering Committee for Population and Family Planning issued Plan No.  564/KH-BCD dated February 12 on population and family planning work of agencies, sectors and unions in 2018.

The Steering Committee asks Party units at all levels to increase leadership and instruction on population policies, and conduct further popularization to encourage people to have maximum two children and fulfill rights and responsibilities for taking care of the children.

Accordingly, they shall take following actions:
- Increase popularization of benefits of prenatal and neonatal screening to detect birth defects, screening for hearing impairment, congenital heart, congenital hemolytic anemia, premarital health examinations, reproductive health care for adolescents and youth, and development of Vietnamese people’s physical fitness and stature;
- Launch model to improve quality of population, model of premarital health advice and examination, community-based model to improve health care for old people, and model to reduce child marriage and near blood-relationship marriage;
- Promote popularization, education and improve awareness and behaviors relating to gender equality, and highlight the role of women in families and society; conduct communication activities of birth sex ratio, reasons and consequences of birth sex ratio imbalance; complete legal system on sex ratio at birth, encourage and support women and girls in learning and  reproductive health care;
- Increase effort to integrate population issues in socio-economic development policies and plans; promote the strength of golden population structure, adapt to the demographic transition  for sustainable socio-economic development;
- Provide Party leaders and local governments as well as unions with information and data of working age population, population change, demographic change, forecast of the number of working-age population for the next year, the number of people aged 60 and above among total number of people in the localities, thus serving the making of policies and plans on socio-economic development, population and health care for the  elderly in the community.

By Mai Phuong

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