Activities in response to Law Day of Viet Nam 2017 (21:42 19/09/2017)

HNP - According to Plan 205/KH-UBND dated September 14 of the Municipal People’s Committee, Ha Noi aims to launch Law Day of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam 2017 in a practical, economical and efficient way, mobilize social resources and use them effectively, strictly follow political tasks given to the ministries, sectors, unions and associations, localities, agencies and units, as well as key tasks in law making, enforcement and protection.

The Law Day of Viet Nam 2017 is themed “Further enhancing institutions, improving business environment, raising national competitiveness and innovation, increasing law implementation, anti-corruption and wastefulness, administration reform, easing difficulties of people and enterprises”. Activities in response to the Law Day will take place in two months in agencies, units and localities (from October 1 to the end of November 30); peak period will last from November 6 to November 11, focusing on following issues:

- Solutions to improve law implementation; popularization of newly issued policies and regulations; effect of the polices and laws on legitimate rights and benefits of the people and businesses; prohibited actions, and punishment for violations; citizen’s rights and obligations, and measures to ensure implementation of the rights and obligations; laws on land, food safety and hygiene, social safety and order; anti-corruption, wastefulness prevention and fighting; environment protection, administrative discipline, fire fighting and prevention, documents on urban civilization, traffic safety, prevention and fight against crime and social problems, improvement of investment environment, production and business, protection of intellectual property rights; territorial sovereignty, international agreements and treaties;

- Information about investigation, prosecution, trial and enforcement; reform of administrative procedures, more application of information technology in state management to ease difficulties in investment and business; building communes, wards and towns which meet standard of legal access under National Target Program in New-style Rural Area Construction; more effort to supervise law compliance and legal issues in the context of international integration; burning issues, and issues for which social orientation is required;

- Education of awareness and benefits of law compliance; honoring and popularizing examples of good people with good deeds in law making, enforcement and compliance; criticizing and fighting legal violations or actions incommensurate with social norms; raising sense of responsibility of civil servants, employees and people in inquiring and learning legal knowledge; promoting sense of law compliance among Party members and officials, and combine it with education of politics, morality and lifestyle to develop the Vietnamese people comprehensively.

Agencies, departments, sectors, unions, districts, suburban districts, towns and units in Ha Noi proactively decide activities to respond to the Law Day, namely to organize meeting in response to the Law Day or integrate it with seminars, workshops, professional or political activities in accordance with actual conditions, integrate it with law making, enforcement and protection activities, organize ceremony to sign cooperation programs on popularization and education of law as well as dialogues on legal policies; build, recognize and further apply efficient model and method; conduct training sessions to improve civil servants’ capacity of building, implementing institutions and policies; launch Day of Free Legal Support and Advice program.

By Mai Phuong

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