More effort to implement Municipal Party Committee Program 06-CTr/TU effectively (21:33 23/08/2017)

HNP - The Municipal People’s Committee has recently issued Announcement 949/TB-UBND, stating conclusion of the Chairman of the Municipal People’s Committee and Head of the Steering Committee for Program Municipal People’s Committee 06-CTr/TU entitled “Developing comprehensively, modernizing urban infrastructure gradually, increasing management of construction order, land and environment, and building a modern and civilized city” at the Steering Committee’s meeting to review performance over the past year.

Accordingly, as standing agency of the Steering Committee, the Department of Construction is assigned to receive feedback, complete draft report and send it to standing members of the Municipal Party Committee. The draft report focuses on key tasks of the program as follows:

- Invest in traffic infrastructure, create favorable conditions to develop social affairs and economy of Ha Noi, ease traffic jam in urban area, and reduce the number of traffic accidents, deaths and injuries; invest in social infrastructure works towards high-tech and modernization, and improve people’s living quality;

- Increase effort to deal with environmental pollution: double-check unit price and norm of waste collection, location of waste bins and time to collect the waste to prevent environmental pollution in residential areas; speed up progress of processing investment procedures, and strive to begin construction of 1 or 2 waste treatment plants in 2017; increase measures to improve quality of air; encourage people not to use honeycomb coals in residential areas or burn straw in suburban areas; handle waste water, and improve quality of water in lakes and ponds;

- Strive to put cables on the streets underground; improve landscape of the streets;

- Point out shortcomings during implementation of the program; specify and assess reasons of the shortcomings, and suggest measures to settle the problems and carry out the program effectively.

By Mai Phuong

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