Popularization increased for important events in last months of 2017 (21:33 23/08/2017)

HNP - The Municipal People’s Committee released Plan 188/KH-UBND dated August 16 on organizing activities to mark important events of the country and of Ha Noi in the last five months of 2017. Accordingly, the activities must be taken comprehensively, practically, effectively and cost-efficiently.

The plan focuses on following tasks:

- Conduct popularization and education, focusing on patriotism, tradition of revolution, civilization and heroism of the Party and the people, and highlight the national pride as well as desire for peace of Viet Nam; assert achievements and significance of the August Revolution, establishment of Democratic Republic of Viet Nam as well as the Capital Liberation Day in the cause of national liberation, national construction and protection, and introduce Ha Noi traditional culture to international friends; contribute to express gratitude towards the People's Army of Viet Nam for their effort to build and protect the country;

- Take measures to increase patriotic emulation movements among the people in working, production, trade and learning, and encourage people to take part in the movements with practical activities in accordance with political tasks of the year; further increase effort to ease difficulties, promote production and trade, increase growth rate against the last year, curb inflation, and ensure social welfares; attract more social investment and increase effectiveness of public investment; enhance planning, construction, urban management and new-style rural area construction in association with protecting natural resources and improving environmental quality; develop culture, education and training, science and health care; ensure public security, national defense, and protect social order and safety; continue administration reform, enhance the fight against corruption and prevent wastefulness; promote foreign services and international integration, and increase implementation of the Government’s decrees on key measures to carry out social, economic development plans and estimates of state budget for 2017;

- Encourage people from all walks of life to further implement movements and to join hands for building cultural lifestyle, organizing weddings and funerals in new way, improving landscape of urban, communes and hamlets, and realizing urban civilization; honor individuals and collectives that have excellent performance in patriotic emulation movements, good people with good deeds, and outstanding individuals and collectives;

- Open new columns and pages on mass media of the central government and of Ha Noi, specializing in popularization of the August Revolution, National Day of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, Capital Liberation Day, founding day of the People's Army of Viet Nam, policies of the State and the Government and activities in celebration of upcoming 2018.

By Mai Phuong

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