City to carry out Prime Minister Decision 55/2016/QD-TTg (20:52 21/08/2017)

HNP - The Municipal People’s Committee has issued Document 3984/UBND-KGVX dated August 15 on implementing Decision 55/2016/QD-TTg dated December 26, 2016 of the Prime Minister on postal network to serve the Party and State agencies.

Accordingly, the Municipal People’s Committee requests the Party and State agencies listed in Appendix II of Decision 55/2016/QD-TTg on using KT1 postal service when sending letters, documents and items with state secret according to legal regulations on state secret protection and fares under regulations of Ministry of Information and Communications.  

The Department of Information and Communications takes following actions:

- Act as focal point to sum up implementation of the Decision, and cooperate with relevant units to act as advisor to the Municipal People’s Committee in managing supply and use of KT1 postal service in Ha Noi according to Decision 55/2016/QD-TTg and relevant legal regulations;

- Popularize regulations on postal network to serve the Party and State agencies, and guide relevant units how to use KT1 postal service, especially fare and service quality;

- Conduct inspection, examination and supervision of service quality, fare, safety and security of KT1 parcels; file the documents during the progress of providing KT1 posal service in the capital city.

The Department of Finance balances the capital, allocates funds for the postal service for the Party and State agencies of Ha Noi, and supervises the capital management, use and payment settlement according to regulation.

The Ha Noi Police Department in cooperation with Central Post Department and responsbile enterprises maintain, manage the public postal network in Ha Noi, and verify political standard of employees who directly take part in the process of supplying KT1 service upon request. The Police also guides implementation of legal regulations on state secret protection, regulation on equipments, management and use of supporting toolshandles violations of aforementioned regulations during operation of the postal network for Party and State agencies under legal regulations; establishes a specialized force to protect the exploitation, transport and deliver of KT1 items upon request.

Ha Noi Post Office in coordination with Central Post Department provide KT1 postal service in the city and carry out regulation on connection, security and safety when providing KT1 postal service. The Ha Noi Post Office also cooperates with relevant units to check and handle incidents of security and safety when providing KT1 post service, cooperates with the Ha Noi Police Department to check political norms of employees who directly take part in the supply of KT1 post service, and coordinates with police officers in necessary cases.   

By Mai Phuong

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