Action Month for Drug Prevention and Control and peak campaign to fight drug-related crimes (09:09 17/06/2018)

HNP - The Ha Noi People’s Committee issued Plan No. 132/KH-UBND dated June 11on opening Action Month for Drug Prevention and Control and peak campaign to fight drug-related crimes. It will be launched from June 1  to June 30h  in the city.

Accordingly, the Municipal People’s Committee sets following targets:

- Detecting, and handling 220 cases of drug-related crimes, of which 120 cases related to illegal trading and transport of drugs; making statistics and categorizing all wanted criminals related to drugs, and having plan to arrest the criminals; striving to reduce the number of wanted criminals related to drugs by 10% during the Action Month for Drug Prevention and Control;

- Increasing effort to maintain stability in the complicated areas, and preventing establishment of new drug dens; applying the Decision on obligatory rehab treatment for 70 drug users; making dossiers to manage and educate 60 drug addicts in the communes, wards and towns according to Decree No. 111/2013/NĐ-CP dated September 30, 2013 of the Government.

In order to implement the plan, the Municipal People’s Committee will take following actions:

- Increasing and reforming popularization, enhancing information work, increasing the number and content of articles and newsletters to convey the message of drug prevention and control; the popularization will be conducted in various ways, especially via social network, and aim at specific target groups;

- Opening peak campaign to fight drug-related criminals in order to detect and control them, and timely handle places which are likely to become drug dens;

- Increasing efforts to eliminate gangs involving in drugs and production of synthetic drugs; detecting illegal transport of drugs by post, air, roadway or railway into Ha Noi or other places;

- Regularly checking, making list of remarkable criminals, drug dealers; actively and closely controlling drug addicts and drug users who show symptom of mental disorder, and ensure that all of them are closely supervised;

- Receiving, processing reports of crimes; closely cooperating with internal affair sectors to increase investigation, prosecution and judgment of drug crimes;

- Enhancing drug rehabilitation affairs, encouraging drug addicts to willingly take drug rehab treatment in the city’s centers, conducting popularization, providing advice and alternative treatment with methadone; building typical model for offering advice and drug rehab treatment in the community; enhancing the application of IT in drug rehab treatment, management of drug users; taking measures to offer advice, support and rehab treatment to each target;

- Continuing operation of the post-rehab clubs, maintaining the number of members of the clubs; improving efficiency of the unions and associations, and making the volunteers to cooperate with families in order to support drug users after rehabilitation, and preventing them from readdiction.

By Mai Phuong

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