Supervision result of law implementation in judicial support (09:09 17/06/2018)

HNP - The Section of Legislation under the Ha Noi People’s Council has recently released Report No. 22/BC-HĐND on the supervision result of law implementation in the field of judicial support of agencies and units in Ha Noi.

According to assessment of the supervising mission, in 2016 and 2017, attention was paid to law popularization and education in Ha Noi; measures were taken, and there were significant progresses. The law popularization and education was conducted practically, efficiently in various ways and designed for each targeted group; legal knowledge was popularized in association with life skills. Reporters of the city, districts, suburban districts, communes, wards and towns were trained; there are training courses every year to help them improve their knowledge of laws. Some units witnessed high rate of successful  reconciliation, such as Ba Dinh district (93%), Long Bien (92.5%), and Cau Giay (89.2%).


Relevant agencies closely cooperated with each other in asset valuation, and exchanged information timely if there was shortcoming or the dossier to be supplemented. As a result, there was low rate of cases in need of re-valuation; re-valuation conclusion was accurate and objective, contributing to speeding up the progress of settlement. In 2016 and 2017, public judicial assessment organizations in Ha Noi received and processed 26,778 cases; 14,607 of them were processed by Criminal Techniques Division of the Ha Noi Police Department, and 11,277 processed by Forensic Center under the Department of Health.

The process of reception and assessment was conducted according to the law; conclusions were accurate, and met requirements of the agency conducting legal proceeding. Judicial assessment agencies, investigation agencies and bodies conducting legal proceeding closely cooperated with each other; thanks to the assessment, cases relating to drugs, fake money and complicated cases have enough conditions to issue arrest warrant and search warrant, thus accelerate the investigation.

Based on result of the inspection, the Section of Legislation suggested that the Central should issue Circular to guide implementation of the Decree No. 30/2018/NĐ-CP dated March 7, 2018 of the Government on dealing establishment and operation of the Council for Asset Valuation and Assessment, procedure and process to evaluate the asset in criminal procedures and relevant documents in order to ease difficulties and obstacles in the operation of the Council.

The Section of Legislation also asked for legal documents on stipulating details and guiding implementation of Law on Criminal Procedure 2015, legal documents on guiding the use of capital to pay for assessment when hiring specialized assessment organizations. A solution is given in expectation to ease difficulties in establishing a Legal Assessment Office according to regulation. A specialized asset valuation agency shall be set up, which will perform the function and mission of asset valuation for criminal procedures, civil procedures, administrative procedures and administrative penalties.

The Section requested Ha Noi to take following actions:

- Urging departments, agencies, People’s Committees of districts and towns to increase effort to implement programs, plans and projects on law popularization and education in Ha Noi;

- Improving performance of the Council of Law Popularization and Education, give detail assignment to each member, open more training courses and seminars to improve qualification and skills for officers in charge of law popularization and education;
- Directing communications agencies to conduct information work at the peak time to popularize important legal documents, such as socuments on fire fighting and prevention, food safety, crime prevention and control; directing People’s Committees of districts and towns to increase quality in the field of law popularization and education, focusing on content and effective ways of popularization, in-depth and wide popularization in accordance with each targeted group, allocating funds for implementation; strengthening reconciliation groups at grassroots level, as well as quality of lecturers; calling for more private investment, enhancing the application of information technology to meet people’s demand of learning law.

By Mai Phuong

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