Popularization of pilot project on urban administration (22:04 09/05/2018)

HNP - The Ha Noi Party Committee’s Commission for Education and Popularization released Plan No. 100-KH/BTGTU on May 7, popularizing the building and implementation of a pilot project to build urban administration model in the capital city.

The plan aims at following the roadmap, contents and progress of building and implementing the pilot project so as to make communication plans and ensure the progress and efficiency.

Relevant agencies, organizations and individuals are responsible for taking prime responsibility and co-implementing the plan so as to ensure the progress and equality as assigned.

Particularly, in the second quarter of 2018: Popularization should be focused on guidelines of the Party and the State on local administration organizations and urban administration construction; activities in building the project’s contents, such as making surveys in domestic and foreign agencies, units; organizing conferences to collect opinions of ministries, sectors, central and local agencies, experts, scientists, managers for the first draft project.

In the third quarter: it is necessary to popularize key contents of the draft project, such as the current situation of organizational apparatus, operational mechanisms of People’s Councils, People’s Committees of districts and towns; reality and solutions to improve the quality of the state management in fields of planning – investment, finance – budget, planning, construction, land management and socio-economic development, etc;


In the fourth quarter: Attention should be paid to strengthening the popularization of Ha Noi’s positive participation in building the project; highlighting the building and key contents of the project which is approved by the Politburo and reported to the National Assembly by the Prime Minister.


During the implementation of the approved project (basing on real time): Importance should also be attached to information dissemination of the significance and need of carrying out contents of the approved project; analyze advantages, difficulties and challenges to create the social consensus in implementing the project.

The Municipal Commission for Education and Popularization will take prime responsibility and cooperate with relevant departments to make a plan on popularizing the pilot project of urban administration model in Ha Noi; instruct press agencies to popularize guidelines of the Party and the State on reforming local administration and building urban administration; monitor and urge the implementation of the plan.

The city’s press agencies are tasked to proactively make specific plans so as to synchronously popularize guidelines of the Party and the State on reforming local administration and building urban administration as well as the building and implementation of the pilot project to raise the awareness of officials, Party members and local people and create a consensus among the whole society.

By Tran Huong

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