Ha Noi deploys the project “Improving the quality of law dissemination and education at schools up to 2021” (06:25 14/03/2018)

HNP – The Ha Noi People’s Committee granted the Plan No. 60/KH-UBND on March 9, implementing the project “Improving the quality of law dissemination and education at schools to 2021” in the capital city.

The project sets up a number of key targets, including: 100% of schools, teachers, students, mangers and staffs will be provided with legal documents related to schools, students, managers, staffs and children as stipulated by law; 100% of law lecturers, communicators and civil education teachers will be provided with information, legal documents and trained vital skills for legal dissemination as required; 100% of schools, education establishments will popularize and educate laws in accordance with curriculum and extracurricular activities;


Improving the awareness and promoting the role and responsibility of every official, public servant, teacher, staff and student for law dissemination and education, contributing to positively carrying out resolutions of Party Committees’ congresses at all levels.

For pre-school education: integrating law popularization into childcare and education so as to develop good behaviors and habits.

For general education: teaching and studying subjects of ethics, civics to raise students’ law enforcement and living skills.

For continuing education and vocational education: Focusing on fostering revolutionary ideals, traditions, national pride; enhancing education of law enforcement, lifestyle and responsibility.


Innovating teaching and studying methods in accordance with new curriculum of the Ministry of Education and Training; enhancing collective activities, knowledge exchanges, sanitation, social activities, culture and sports clubs in association with emulation movements; promoting law communication, popularization and enforcement in association with concerned issues.

Strengthening the application of information technology in popularizing and educating laws; organizing a series of extracurricular activities, contests at education establishment; boosting the emulation movement and encouraging officials, staffs, teachers and students to comply and observe laws; taking advantages of support offered by organizations to promote law dissemination and popularization at schools, etc.

By Tran Huong

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