Enhancing mass mobilization and building a powerful, transparent government (21:17 12/03/2018)

HNP - The Ha Noi Party Committee has recently issued Document No. 1186-TB/TU, stating conclusion and instruction of Municipal Party Committee Secretary Hoang Trung Hai at the working session with the Municipal Party Committee’s Commission of Mass Mobilization.

According to instruction of the Secretary, the municipal Commission of Mass Mobilization shall continue effort to conduct popularization and information work, improve awareness of the Party units, the governments as well as people in terms of mass mobilization, and highlight it as an important task for sustainable and stable development of Ha Noi.

The mass mobilization system from city level to grassroots level shall conduct self-assessment, make their plans and take measures to improve their performance; increase quality of advisory services and guidance to implement written instructions of the Central and the Municipal Party Committee; closely follow up the situation and public opinion, detect complicated, unresolved problems and newly arising troubles in localities or units, thus suggesting measures to tackle them; give instruction and advice to the Party units and governments to figure out solutions for the burning, complicated problems at grassroots level, so that the Party units and governments can proactively handle them.

The Municipal Commission of Mass Mobilization shall continue giving advice, and specify persons in charge and their responsibilities. Each mass mobilization officer must be a good example, strictly comply with the law, and improve qualification as well as professional skills to meet work demand in the new period. The Municipal Commission of Mass Mobilization  shall implement plan on realizing implementation of Year of Mass Mobilization campaign soon. Accordingly, governments and mass mobilization units from city level to grassroots level must identify their political tasks, and proactively cooperate with each other to handle them from the beginning; closely cooperate with each other to supervise and handle violation, especially infractions in the fields of land management, construction management and implementation of Directive 15 of the Municipal Party Committee on receiving citizen and settling denunciations and complaints.

Furthermore, they make more effort to enhance government mass mobilization in association with grassroots democracy, build a strong and transparent government, create significant progress in administration reform, proactively take part in giving social feedbacks on mass mobilization, especially feedbacks on urban government management model under Conclusion No. 22-KL/TW  dated November 7, 2017 of the Politburo. They also proactively act as advisor to the Municipal Party Committee, Father Front Committee, social and political organizations of Ha Noi and nationwide to enhance emulation movements and campaigns on realizing political tasks of the city and the country, particularly campaigns on building new-style rural area and civilized city, putting two Codes of Conduct in public places and workplaces into practice, realizing regulations on civilized lifestyle, as well as movements on economic development and sustainable poverty reduction in Ha Noi.

The agencies shall give instruction and fulfill their tasks of supervision and feedback according to Decision  217, 218-QĐ/TU dated December 12, 2013 of the Politburo and Regulation on dialog between leaders of Party units and governments at all level and people of Ha Noi. The Mass Mobilization units at all levels shall perform following tasks:
- Proactively cooperate with governments at all levels to conduct religious and ethnic affairs, closely supervise situation, and manage ethnic minority groups in the area; promote the role of dignitaries and followers as well as reputable people in the area for mass mobilization; proactively act as advisor to solve religious problems as soon as they emerge at the grassroots level, and avoid complicated movement;
- Strictly follow plan of the Municipal Party Committee and the Commission for Mass Mobilization, urgently make plan on preparing mid-term assessment for the 2015-2020 tenure, focusing on mass mobilization of Party units in Ha Noi; increase effort to speed up and implement projects on realizing working program of the Municipal Party Committee, maintain work progress and quality of the projects;
- Pay special attention to building and enhancing the apparatus and workforce of mass mobilization according to Resolution No. 39-NQ/TU of the Politburo, and Plan No. 05-KH/TU of the Municipal Party Committee’s Standing Commission, while implementing Plan No. 70-KH/TU of the Municipal Party Committee on implementing Resolution 18 of the 6th congress of Central Party Committee (tenure 12); proactively act as advisor to the Municipal Party Committee’s Standing Commission in implementing pilot project on assigning Chairman of the Fatherland Front Committee in district/ town to work as head of mass mobilization agency (in certain areas suitable for the project); cooperate with related agencies to act as advisor in enhancing the general support office of the Fatherland Front and social, political organizations according to instruction of the Central.

By Mai Phuong

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