Increase effort for people’s heath protection and care (08:59 06/03/2018)

HNP - The Ha Noi Party Committee has recently issued Plan No. 73-KH/TU on implementing Resolution No. 20-NQ/TW on increasing effort for people’s heath protection and care in the new context.

Accordingly, the city expects that by 2025, average life expectancy is 74.5 years, and healthy life of years is at least 67; rate of health insurance coverage reaches 95%. Expenses of households for health care rate is reduced, and accounts for 35% of total expense for health care. Expanded immunization rate is at least 96% with 12 types of vaccines. Child mortality rate is decreased:  under-5 mortality rate is reduced to 10.5%, and under-1 mortality rate is decreased to 10%. Stunting rate of children under 5 years old is below 13%. Adult obesity rate is below 14%. Average height of 18-year-old male is 167.5 centimeters, and female is 156.5 centimeters.

Furthermore, it is expected that 92% of total population enjoy health management; 98% of medical centers of communes, wards and townships effectively perform their tasks of preventing, controlling for several non-communicable diseases and providing treatment for them. There are 30 hospital beds, 13.5 doctors, three pharmacists and 25 nurses per 10,000 people (hospital beds and workforce of the central hospitals which directly serve the  people of Ha Noi). Private hospital beds account for12%. 85% of people satisfy with the health services.

By 2030, average life expectancy is expected to be 75 years, and healthy life years is at least 68 years. Rate of health insurance coverage reaches 98%. Direct expenses of households for health care is reduced, accounts for 30% of total expense for health care. Expanded immunization rate is at least 96% with 14 types of vaccines. Child mortality rate is decreased: under-5 mortality rate is reduced to 10%, and under-1 mortality rate to 9.5%. Stunting rate of children under 5 years old is now below 12%. Adult obesity rate is below 10%. Average height of the 18-year-old male is 169 centimeters, and female is 158 centimeters.

98% of total population enjoy health service. 100% of medical centers of communes, wards and townships effectively take actions to prevent, control and provide treatment for several non-communicable diseases. There are 32 hospital beds, 14.2 doctors, 3.2 pharmacists and 33 nurses per 10,000 people (hospital beds and workforce of the central hospitals which directly serve the Ha Noi’s people). Private hospital beds account for 18%. Over 95% of people satisfy with health care services. HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis are fundamentally stopped; malaria is eliminated.

The city has pointed out key measures as following:

- Increase leadership of the Party units, as well as management of the government; promote the participation of Viet Nam Fatherland Front, social, political organizations from city level to grassroot level, as well as contribution of the whole society in people’s health protection, care and improvement; integrate tasks and targets of health care and relevant issues which affect health like environment, sports and culture into socio-economic development plans of Ha Noi;
- Give detailed assignments for each sector and unit to meet the targets and perform the tasks in people’s health protection care and improvement, first of all maintain food safety, protect the environment, improve physical health, develop a civilized lifestyle, encourage Ha Noi people to use health insurance and implement regulations on disease prevention and control; increase supervision, examination and inspection, focusing on implementation of policies on health care and related fields of people’s health;
- Make projects and programs on improving Ha Noi people’s health and status, and implement them comprehensively; increase popularization, encourage people to develop civilized and hygienic lifestyle; eliminate backward customs which have negative effect on health; give guidance, and popularize information of proper nutrition and diet for each target group; launch programs on supplementing essential nutrients for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, children at all ages and the elderly; pay special attention to conditions, guarantee that each person enjoy health protection and improvement, especially the ones in remote areas and ethnic minority communes;
- Enhance the use of information technology in supervising, collection, managing and making and statistics of diseases, immunization, as well as disease prevention and control activities in Ha Noi;
- Respond to emergencies timely, prevent outbreak of diseases; consolidate the immunization system and vaccination, launch immunization programs, and make sure that people are vaccinated on schedule and sufficiently; increase the number of vaccines in the expanded immunization program as directed by the Ministry of Health; increase workforce for HIV/ AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria prevention and control;
- Reform the mechanism as well as operation method of health system in communes, wards and townships; launch the information technology system comprehensively in managing medical centers, immunization, disease and people’s health records, health insurance card and health insurance payment; set up electronic health records for every person; update the system with information, data and indicators when people have medical checkup or treatment; have proper roadmap and mechanism to step by step provide health management service, offer people with periodical medical checkup and health care services;
- Improve attitude, service quality and medical ethics of the medical staffs; build green, clean, safe and civilized hospitals, striving to provide comprehensive health care for the patients; speed up the progress of administration reform, and apply information technology in management, verification of health insurance, e-health records, and remote diagnostics, testing, monitoring, advisory, medical examination and treatment;
- Increase comprehensive measures, tighten control over quality of imported medicines; raise capacity to control medicines, supervise medicine quality, detect fake, low-quality medicines, and use information technology in tracking origin of the medicines and prices of medicines in pharmacies;
- Have policy to encourage qualified health workers to work in grassroot medical centers, remote areas, or work in the fields of preventive medicine, forensic medicine, psychiatry, tuberculosis, leprosy and HIV/ AIDS;
- Prepare plan to make public hospitals to self-manage their regular funding; and step by step self-manage their professional plan;
- Reorganize emergency system in the community and emergency response out of hospitals, ensure that they are connected comprehensively with Center of Receiving, Transferring and Handling Emergency Information under Ha Noi Center of Supervision and Operation.

By Mai Phuong

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