Severely punish violations of dyke protection law (16:35 17/05/2017)

HNP - According to Official Letter 4142/VP-KT dated May 10, Office of the Ha Noi People’s Committee requests relevant units and sectors to increase effort to prevent violation and severely punish infraction of dyke protection law.

The Municipal People’s Committee had received Document 3529/BNN-TCTL dated April 27, 2017 of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on increasing effort for preventing and handling violations of dyke protection law. Accordingly, in an effort to implement legal regulations of dyke protection, Directive 447/CT-TTg dated March 25, 2011 of the Prime Minister on increasing effort to handle infractions of dyke protection law and manage exploitation, transport and trade of gravels and sand which affect safety of dyke, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development urges Municipal People’s Committee to take following actions:

- Increase leadership for preventing and severely punishing legal violations in the field of dyke protection; give instruction to review plan on handling legal violations in the city, prepare measures to effective handle unresolved cases, especially prolonged and complicated cases, and specify responsibilities of leaders of management agencies as well as local governments at district level and commune level;

- Increase management, and promote cooperation between agencies at all levels and local governments; promptly detect and handle violations, and take measures to prevent repeated and new violations;

- Review planning on flooding prevention for Ha Noi's rivers and planning on dykes, thus guaranteeing progress and quality of the planning, and creating basis for management, exploitation and use of river banks, river beds according to legal regulations on dykes; set up landmarks of safety corridors on dykes;

- Increase popularization of dyke protection law, and provide information as well as warming of flood on Red River to organizations and individuals, thus improving their awareness, sense of responsibility and encouraging them to comply with the law;

- Conduct inspection, urge issuance of licenses relating to dykes for tall buildings being built along dike bottom, and guarantee that all underground sections of the constructions are completed by rainy season of 2017.

In response to the document of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Municipal People’s Committee assigns Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in coordination with relevant agencies and sectors, People’s Committees of districts, suburban districts and towns to suggest measures, and propose them to the Municipal People’s Committee.

By Mai Phuong

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