Ha Noi: 26 communes expect to meet new-style rural area standard (05:42 07/02/2018)

HNP - The Municipal People’s Committee has recently issued Announcement No. 1151-TB/TU, stating conclusion of Permanent Vice Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Head of Steering Committee for Municipal Party Committee Program 02-CTr/TU Ngo Thi Thanh Hang at the meeting of 2017 fourth quarter.

Accordingly, there are key tasks in the field of agriculture development in 2018 as following:
- Continue effort to enhance agriculture towards agricultural re-structuring and concentrated commercial agriculture production; increase the use of science and technology, high-tech and organic agriculture development;
- Create chains, brands and titles of agriculture products, develop production in association with processing and consumption of agriculture on the basis of boosting cooperation and coordination between households and credit organizations, scientific organizations, technological organizations and enterprises in the chains;
- Increase farm production by 2 to 2.5%;
- Increase state management of plant varieties, animal and aquatic breeds, livestock feed, animal health, plant protection and forest protection;
- Pay special attention to maintaining varieties for the next crops and improving quality of the varieties, selecting varieties which have better productivity and quality, and add then to the city’s plant structure;
- For new-style rural area construction: increase effort, and conduct popularization and information work in various manners to create consensus among the people new-style rural area construction; urban districts offer further support to help sub-urban districts to build new-style rural area construction;
- Mobilize resources, and use them effectively to implement the program, while maintaining quality and progress according to regulation;
- Make detailed plan on implementation and resources to fulfill targets of the program;
- Strive to have 26 more communes meeting the new-style rural area construction standard, and at least two districts meeting the standard in 2018;
- Suburban districts which will be turned into districts in 2020 shall proactively perform their tasks to meet the goal as stipulated in accordance with local conditions;
- Build and implement the plan to maintain, improve criteria of new-style rural area in suburban districts and communes which are recognized, and build exemplar model of new-style rural area;
- Build the project on typical new-style rural area commune in Dong Hoi commune (Dong Anh district) and Vong Xuyen commune (Phuc Tho district) according to requirements and progress;
- Organize further training courses, improve capacity of the Party members, governments and unions at grassroots level in management, leadership and operation;
- Office of New-style Rural Area Program Operation shall act as advisor to the Steering Committee in organizing meetings to review implementation of Municipal Party Committee Program 02;
- Sum up information and data after 10 years of implementing Resolution No. 15/2008/QH12 dated May 29, 2008 of the National Assembly on amending administrative boundaries of Ha Noi and relevant provinces;
- For better life of the peasants: build transparent and strong the Party and political system; realize Resolution of the 4th Central Committee (tenure 12) on Party building; pay special attention to personnel management in association with implementation of Resolution No. 15-NQ/TU dated July 4, 2017 of the Municipal Party Committee on building strong, transparent Party units, rectifying the low-performance units, solving problems in political security, social order and safety in the communes, wards and townships of Ha Noi;
- Continue effort to enhance agriculture and industry promotion according to project on vocational training for rural laborers under Decision No. 1956/QĐ-TTg dated November 27, 2009 of the Prime Minister;
- Increase leadership to conduct national program on health care, communications program on health care, disease prevention and control; improve quality of medical checkup services, conduct information and communications work to reduce the rate of woman having third child, and improve quality of population;
- Increase the campaign on applying cultured and civilized lifestyle in organizing funerals, weddings and festivals; enhance movements on building cultured villages, agencies, units and families in association with an elegant lifestyle of Hanoians;
- Increase leadership to speed up implementation progress of programs on poverty reduction, creating jobs for rural laborers, changing the structure of plants and animals and increasing proportion of industry and services sectors, thus helping the people increase their income;
- Regarding proposals and requests of city’s agencies and localities: the Office of New-style Rural Area Program Operation shall sum up information, classify issues into groups, act as advisor and submit report to the Steering Committee, so that the latter will assign tasks to relevant agencies and units; release written documents, and submit proposals to the Municipal Party Committee and People’s Committee, if issues go beyond its authority;
- Follow up the situation, urge implementation of the conclusion and instruction of Municipal Party Committee and People’s Committee leaders, act as advisor in handling requests during implementation of the program.

By Mai Phuong

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