City to respond to National Week of Clean Water and Environment Sanitation (11:41 18/04/2017)

HNP - The Municipal People’s Committee has recently issued Official Letter 3224/VP-DT, requesting relevant departments and agencies to respond to National Week of Clean Water and Environment Sanitation in 2017.

Previously, the Municipal People’s Committee received document of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on response to National Week of Clean Water and Environment Sanitation. Accordingly, the National Week of Clean Water and Environment Sanitation 2017 is themed “Clean water and environment sanitation for comprehensive development of children” by the Ministry. It will be launched from April 15 to May 15, and might be extended to World Environment Day (June 5) and combined with activities in celebration of Reunification Day (April 30), Labor Day (May 1) and festivals in localities.

According to actual conditions, the localities shall respond to the National Week of Clean Water and Environment Sanitation practically and cost-effectively. Each city, province, ministry, sector and union shall select one venue to launch the National Week; call for participation of authorities, unions, governments at all levels, students and the locals; encourage people to clean up the environment and maintain water supply and hygiene works; organize visits to public the water supply works and hygiene works, while conducting popularization to encourage people to protect the environment and water resources, and use the works effectively and sustainably.

Furthermore, the Ministry requests authorities to conduct popularization on mass media like newspapers, radios and televisions, hang banners, posters and give leaflets to the people, focusing on clean water supply and rural environment sanitation in localities; launch communications campaigns through activities of the Youth Union, schools, political and social organizations in the localities, thus raising public awareness and behavior; repair water supply works, clean up environment in residential areas, schools and public places; mobilize the people to clean up roads in residential places, build civilized lifestyle and cultural families in association with the All People Join Hands to Build New-style Rural Areas movement.

In response to the document, the Municipal People’s Committee assigns Department of Agricultural and Rural Development in cooperation with relevant units to study it, give proposal and report to the Municipal People’s Committee by April 17.

By Mai Phuong

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