Implement Prime Minister decision on anti-human trafficking day (11:08 13/06/2017)

HNP - The Ha Noi People’s Committee issued Plan 137/KH-UBND dated June 8, focusing on implementation of the Prime Minister's decision on launching Day against Human Trafficking (July 30) in 2017.

Accordingly, the plan aims to launch Day against Human Trafficking on July 30 widely and drastically, thus creating significant change in people’s awareness and behaviors of human trafficking prevention and fighting; call on the whole political system, sectors, agencies, social unions and organizations to proactively prevent human trafficking and take part in the fights against human trafficking crimes; carry out activities in response to Day against Human Trafficking (July 30) annually, practically and effectively.

It focuses on key tasks as following:

- Conduct popularization activities in the community in response to the Day against Human Trafficking on July 30 with proper, practical, concise and understandable content for each area and age, thus spreading information about anti-human trafficking widely in the society (through mass media, communication systems at grassroots level, banners and posters);

- Take measures and solutions comprehensively to proactively prevent, detect and handle human trafficking gangs and crimes;

- Increase effectiveness when receiving and supporting the victims of human trafficking, thus helping them integrate into the community according to legal regulations; organize conference of Steering Committee 138/TB on summing up implementation of Program on preventing and fighting human trafficking in the first half of 2017; praise and recognize the collectives and individuals who have excellent performance in human trafficking prevention and fighting, especially during implementation process of  Day against Human Trafficking on July 30.

By Mai Phuong

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