Perform key tasks for the socio-economic development (11:07 13/06/2017)

HNP - The Ha Noi People’s Committee has recently issued the Report 137/BC-UBND on the leadership and instruction of the Municipal People’s Committee in May, as well as the key tasks for June and the next months of 2017.

Accordingly, the Municipal People’s Committee urges drastic implementation of resolutions and conclusions of the Central Government, National Assembly, Government as well as  resolutions of the Municipal People’s Council on major tasks and measures to realize the socio-economic development plan and state budget estimate for 2017. Moreover, the city makes further effort to improve leadership and instruction based on the discipline of detailing assignment, staffs, tasks, responsibility, process and efficiency.

The production and trade process in May is stable; indexes tend to increase, such as Industrial Production Index, total circulation of goods and social consumption service revenues, export turnover, import turnover, total revenues of transport services, and total number of tourists to Ha Noi. Agriculture, forestry and aquatic production are stabilized. Plants are grown well; the winter-spring rice is being harvested, and the summer-autumn crops will begin soon. The number of poultries and domestic animals are stable, and diseases are under control. Aquaculture area and forestry area witness increase in comparison to the same period last year.

The city also sees significant and sustainable progress in environment protection, clean water supply, preventive healthcare, urban lighting, green trees, security and order, social crimes and problems prevention, traffic safety and order, pavement and street management and public order.

The investment environment is improved; further meetings and dialogues with enterprises are organized, aiming to find out measures to ease difficulties in production and business, and speed up the processing of administrative procedures, such as issuing license, handling requests of enterprises, mobilizing resources, accelerating land clearance and implementation of planning schemes.

Ha Noi receives and has working sessions with 18 delegations, including organizations, domestic and foreign enterprises and groups, scientists and experts in the fields of startup, smart city, urban planning, real estates, health, education, and agriculture. This is the city’s effort to find out technology solutions and apply scientific advances in all fields. The Ha Noi Official Section Of Communist Party holds 154 meetings to collect opinions, give instructions, tackle problems and handle requests of the enterprises.

For key tasks in June and the next months of 2017, the Municipal People’s Committee gives following instructions:

- Continue the effort, give instructions to handle burning issues in domain of livelihood and issues reported by newspapers and people; direct the city’s units to perform unresolved tasks given by the Government, Municipal Party Committee and Municipal People’s Committee; realize 21 plans, directives and overcome 23 shortcomings pointed out after the meeting on reviewing performance of the Official Section of Communist Party;

- Further urge units to answer feedback and requests of voters after the second session of the National Assembly (tenure 14), feedback and requests of voters after the third session of the Municipal People’s Council (tenure 15), and unresolved questions at the third session of the Municipal People’s Council; review, and prepare the content to be submitted at the 2017 mid-year session of the People’s Council; perform the task of giving detailed instructions.

By Mai Phuong

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