City urges effort to overcome consequences of rain and flood (16:13 18/10/2017)

HNP - Chairman of the Municipal People’s Committee issues Public Telegraph 07/CD-UBND, urging effort to follow up the situation and give instruction to respond and overcome consequences of rain and flood.

Due to circulation around tropical low pressure and cold air, Hoa Binh province and North Central provinces of Viet Nam suffered heavy rain, which led to increasing river level and flood, especially in communes in the west of Thach That, Quoc Oai, Chuong My and My Duc suburban districts.

In response to Prime Minister Public Telegraph 1560/CD-TTg dated October 12, 2017 on handling consequences of the rain and flood in North and North Central provinces, Chairman of the Municipal People’s Committee gives instruction.

Accordingly, Ha Noi Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control and local Steering Committees for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control, Search and Rescue of districts and towns shall follow up the situation, promptly respond to incidents, and prevent landslide as well as other incidents caused by the natural disasters.

People’s Committees of districts and towns which suffer damage after the recent rain and flood shall mobilize forces and equipments to overcome consequences, move people from dangerous areas, especially landslide area, and protect their lives; visit and encourage families which suffer damages, provide food and necessaries to people, and arrange temporary accommodation for the ones who lost or have to leave their houses; protect the dykes, dams and irrigation works, especially critical areas; mobilize forces to help people fix their houses and clean up the environment after flood; repair damages works, such as health, education, traffic, irrigation and power systems, thus stabilizing production and life of the people.

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in cooperation with localities closely supervise the weather situation, urge effort to tackle problems with dykes, lakes, dams, irrigation and production; guide People’s Committees of communes, units, localities and people in damaged areas to overcome consequences and recover production; cooperate with Department of Finance, relevant agencies, People’s Committees of districts and towns to sum up information, make damages statistics, suggest plans to support people and prepare cultivars as well as breeds, and report to the Municipal People’s Committee by October 20.

Irrigation Development Investment One Member Limited Liability Companies of Song Nhue, Song Day, Ha Noi and Me Linh, and Song Tich Irrigation One Member Limited Liability Company in cooperation with People’s Committees of districts, towns and localities increase effort to operate pumping stations for water drainage, striving to recover production and protect environment sanitation.

Ha Noi Electricity Corporation directs examination, promptly fix problem with power system, and ensure power supply for production and people’s daily life.

The Department of Construction in coordination with People’s Committee of districts and towns instruct activities to clean up the environment, water resources, lakes and ponds.

The Department of Health instructs health workers to provide free medical treatment for injuries, guide people how to increase environment sanitation, cooperate with Department of Construction to take measures to clean up water resources and prevent diseases after flood, and fix damaged clinics.

The Department of Education and Training in coordination with People’s Committee of districts and towns promptly overcome consequences of the rain and flood, clean environment in schools, and ensure environment sanitation and safety. Relevant agencies in cooperation with People’s Committee of districts, towns and localities take measures to overcome consequences of natural disasters, stabilize accommodation, and provide clean water to the people.

Ha Noi Radio and Television, Hanoimoi Newspaper, Kinh Te Do Thi Newspaper and An Ninh Thu Do Newspaper continue their activities to closely follow up the situation and provide up-to-date information of instruction and natural disaster response.   

By Mai Phuong

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