Activities in response to Anti-human trafficking day (June 30) (21:40 11/06/2018)

HNP - The Ha Noi People’s Committee issued Plan No. 127/KH-BCD dated June 6th on implementing Decision of the Prime Minister on Anti-human trafficking Day (June 30) in 2018.

Accordingly, the city will focus on following tasks:

- Implementing practical popularization activities in the community to respond to the Anti-human trafficking Day,  which are suitable for different ages and localities, and implementing information work on mass media, information and communications system at grassroots level, through panels and posters; improving the efficiency of receiving victims of human trafficking, helping them integrate into the community; taking comprehensive measures to prevent, detect and handle human trafficking gangs;

- Organizing conference of the Steering Committee 138/TP, focusing on the implementation of programs on crime prevention and control, drug prevention and control, human trafficking prevention and control in the first half of 2018; praising, motivating individuals and organizations that have excellent performance in human trafficking prevention and fighting.

As the standing agency of the Steering Committee 138/TP, the Ha Noi Police Department performs following tasks:

- Enhancing the movement “All people protect public security”, so that the people take part in the fight against human trafficking;

- Increasing effort to closely follow up the situation; know the tricks and measures of the human trafficking crimes, and understand new legal policies on anti-human trafficking; detecting and timely handling reports of crimes; mobilizing forces to detect, investigate and detect criminal gangs and cases, catch the criminals, receive and rescue victims;

- Increasing investigation, focusing on the key routes, key areas and fields prone to crimes, thus proposing measures to enhance the fight against human trafficking, such as illegal border crossing, adoption, organ donation, labor export with foreign elements;

- Launching peak campaigns to control human trafficking crimes in Ha Noi, increasing the leadership and promoting the collective strength of the whole society to prevent and fight human trafficking criminals according to instruction of the Ministry of Public Security; cooperating with the People’s Procuracy and the People’s Courts at all levels to speed up progress of investigation, prosecution and adjudication of human trafficking crimes;

- Cooperating with police of border provinces and police of other countries in the region, especially countries that sign agreement on cooperation for human trafficking prevention and control with Viet Nam, such as China and Laos; exchanging information and documents, and collaborating to investigate, verify cases, rescue victims and catch the crimes.

People’s Committees of districts and towns build and implement their plans and programs in response to the Day of Human Trafficking, and popularize them among the units at grassroots level; instruct agencies, unions, authorities and People’s Committees of communes, wards and townships to perform tasks of the Plan, thus launching the Day of Human Trafficking effectively; direct local mass media agencies to increase information work in different ways, such as panels, posters and documents on fighting and preventing human trafficking.

Member agencies of the Steering Committee cooperate with each other and take actions in response to the Day of Human Trafficking (June 30), and strictly implement regulation on information work, and report to the standing agency of the Steering Committee 138/TP.

By Mai Phuong

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