Implement UN’s Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (19:12 21/04/2017)

HNP - The Municipal People’s Committee has recently issued Plan 90/KH-UBND on implementing Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities of the United Nations in Ha Noi.

Accordingly, the city aims to take following actions:

- Popularize content of the UN's Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities; timely implement legal documents on supporting people with disabilities in the fields of health care, education, vocational training, jobs, culture, sports, recreational activities, tourism, access to public works, transport, information technology, communications, and legal support; carry out projects and programs on supporting people with disabilities;

- Develop, launch and provide healthcare services to reduce and prevent disabilities; launch services to early detect disabilities in children in prenatal development, infants and children under six; conduct popularization, provide advisory services and provide reproductive healthcare services; provide early intervention program, orthopedic surgery, and equipments to support people with disabilities, especially in health establishments at grassroots level;

- Conduct training to improve qualification of medical workers specializing in functional rehabilitation, in particular training on early detection and early intervention for health establishments at grassroots level; consolidate functional rehabilitation units in hospitals, province- and district-level health centers, and increase manpower of medical workers specializing in functional rehabilitation in clinics at grassroots level; launch community-based program on rehabilitation, and increase supplies and equipments for functional rehabilitation in the rehabilitation establishments;

- Conduct education for the disabled people; use training program and documents properly, and organize training for managers, teachers and supporters dealing with education for the disabled people in accordance with local condition; popularize common sign language system nationwide;

- Organize rehabilitation of working functions, training on career and jobs, especially vocational training in community in association with other programs and projects; conduct training and improve qualification of vocational trainers and career advisors for disabled people; develop model of vocational training in association with creating jobs for disabled people in the community, and model of cooperation with enterprises in vocational training and job placement;

- Conduct training to improve capacity to prevent natural disasters for Disability Support Officers and organizations of disabled people; develop model of natural disaster prevention which ensures access for the disabled, and apply information technology and specialized equipments to help the disabled receive early warning and respond to the natural disasters; provide livelihood support for the disabled and their families;

- Guide examination, and supervise implementation of regulations as well as national technical standards on construction to help the disabled access and use construction works; build several pilot models on accessing and using construction works with access for the disabled, and apply them further; guide, check and supervise the implementation of assistive transport standards, thus ensuring that all public transport works, projects and bus systems meet standards on access for people with disabilities; develop and improve entrance of stations, sanitation works and vehicles to help the disabled access; conduct popularization among bus drivers, focusing on support for the disabled;

- Increase the application of information technology and utilities to help the disabled access information and communications technology; develop and launch TV programs with subtitle and sign language for the deaf, along with press media accessible for the blind; build portals and websites which meet the criterion of giving the disabled an access to information and communications technology;

- Organize culture and music activities, along with training on painting and music for the disabled; develop sports, and create favorable conditions for the disabled to take part in sport training and competition; improve qualification of mangers, coaches and trainers of sports for disabled people;

- Conduct training for disability support officers and managers, focusing on social works and community-based functional rehabilitation for the disabled; organize training for disability support officers and families of the disabled, focusing on policies, care and functional rehabilitation skills, and natural disaster prevention skills for the disabled.

By Mai Phuong

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