Increase responsibilities of leaders in controlling administrative procedures (06:43 14/02/2018)

HNP - The Ha Noi People’s Committee issued Plan No. 41/KH-UBND dated February 7 on checking the control of administrative procedure control in 2018 in the city. Accordingly, examination of administrative procedure control must be conducted objectively, transparently and openly, and does not affect the operation of agencies and units to be checked. Result of the examination will be sent to the agencies and units. Information will be summed up, and reported to the Municipal People’s Committee.

According to the plan, the examination focuses on following issues:

- Leadership and operation, focusing on issuance and implementation of the plan on administrative procedure control in 2018 so far; assignment of staff; training for the officials who act as focal points and civil servants who involve in the reception and settlement of administrative procedures; implementation of financial policies, and allocation of equipment as well as supplies to serve the administrative procedure control;

- Reviewing and publicizing administrative procedures at One Stop Shop sections where the administrative procedures are received and handled;

- Compliance with regulations of the publicized and announced administrative procedures when receiving, settling the procedures and returning result to individuals and organizations; settlement of the administrative procedures, namely total number of received dossiers, total number of dossiers settled on time, total number of dossiers running behind schedule, and subjective, objective reasons for the slow progress;

- Receiving, handling complaints and requests of the individuals and organizations on the administrative regulations; announcing address of the agencies in charge of receiving feedback, as well as website, e-mail and phone number of the agencies; handling feedback and requests which are sent directly to the agencies, or forwarded to the agencies by other units according to their authority;

- Reviewing, assessing administrative procedures in 2018 according to Decision No. 8993/QĐ-UBND dated December 29, 2017 of the Municipal People’s Committee (for the Department of Industry and Trade, and Department of Natural Resources and Environment); assessing impacts of draft legal documents on stipulating administrative procedures (for agencies and departments which take part in making administrative procedures in framework of the draft legal documents under authority of the Ha Noi People’s Committee); submitting the administrative procedures to the Chairman of Municipal People’s Committee to announce the procedures as stipulated (for city’s departments and agencies);

- Communications work on administrative procedure control; implementation of policy on information work and report of the situation and outcome of administrative procedure control; administration reform, and compliance with regulation on realizing One Stop Shop mechanism, inter-level One Stop Shop mechanism in the agencies and units.

The city’s departments and agencies prepare their plans, and check administrative procedure control in specific sectors and subordinate units.
The People’s Committees of districts, suburban districts and towns build their plan, and check administrative procedure control in specific sectors as well as People’s Committees of communes, wards and townships of the districts, suburban districts and towns.

Result of the examination is submitted to the Office of Municipal People’s Committee, so that the latter will sum up information and keep following up the situation.

By Mai Phuong

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