Project on developing key industrial products to 2020, orientation to 2025 approved (09:06 03/02/2018)

HNP – The Ha Noi People’s Committee issued Decision No. 496/QD-UBND dated January 26, approving project on developing flagship industrial products to 2020, orientation to 2025.

Accordingly, the project has following targets:
- Specify targets, missions and measures to develop flagship industrial products to 2020, orientation to 2025, thus implementing the Municipal Party Committee Program 03 as well as other industrial development strategies and plan effectively, and contribute to boosting the city’s economy fast and sustainably;
- Attract more investment, improve competitiveness capacity of the flagship industrial products of Ha Noi;
- Enhance cooperation and production of the flagship industrial products in Ha Noi, northern area and nationwide;
- Build the brands of Ha Noi flagship industrial products which are widely known by the Vietnamese, foreign consumers and enterprises.

The city expects that by 2020, over 80,000 products  of different kinds are recognized as flagship industry products. Industrial production revenues of the recognized products account for 33% to 35% of total industrial production revenues in the area. Average growth rate in the period of 2018 to 2020 is 9 to 10%. Export turnover of the recognized flagship industry products account for 12 to 14% of total export turnover of Ha Noi.

In 2025, over 120 products of various kinds are recognized as flagship industry products. Total revenues of industrial production of the recognized products account for 45 to 50% of total industrial production revenues. Export turnover of the recognized industry products makes up over 20% of total export turnover of Ha Noi.

The city also aims to build concentrated area of supporting services for creative startup, incubators of supporting industry enterprises, polices and mechanisms to boost creative startup in general and enterprises of supporting industry in particular; increase popularization, and introduce information of flagship industry products, flagship enterprises, producers and distributors of Ha Noi through trade promotion programs and activities of Viet Nam and Ha Noi.

Furthermore, fairs, exhibitions and conferences on trade are organized, along with programs to introduce demand and capacity. Exchange activities, seminars and visits in different fields are conducted to connect manufactures of the last products to manufacturers of supporting industry products, distributors as well as importers.

The Department of Industry and Trade is in charge of implementing the project, urging the implementation progress, summing up information, and reporting to the Municipal People’s Committee. It is also responsible for cooperating with relevant departments and sectors to prepare regulation on assessment and regulation on supporting flagship industry products, and submitting it to the Municipal People’s Committee for consideration within April of 2018.

City’s departments, agencies, People’s Committees of districts and towns enhance the administration reform, build favorable investment and business environment, review and reduce time to process administrative procedures, increase the use of information technology as well as cooperation among units to launch One Stop Shop mechanism and help enterprises to ease difficulties when they join the program on developing flagship industry products from  the grassroot level. The authorities also cooperate closely with relevant units in realizing tasks of the project according to their functions and missions.

By Mai Phuong

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