Anti-corruption, one of the criteria to assess performance of agencies (09:07 03/02/2018)

HNP - The Ha Noi People’s Committee has recently issued Plan No. 31/KH-UBND on implementing Resolution 126/NQ-CP  dated November 29, 2017 of the Government on Action Program on Anti-corruption to 2020.

Accordingly, the  city considers corruption prevention and control as the key and urgent task, and increases management and instruction to realize it. Anti-corruption must be implemented in association with instruction documents of the central government.

Directors of the city’s departments, heads of agencies and sectors, Chairpeople of the People’s Committees of districts, suburban districts and towns give instruction for corruption prevention and control, proactively prevent corruption, detect and promptly handle cases of corruption suspicion and corruption cover-up, as well as actions obstructing the fight against corruption. They also request more effort and responsibility of the leaders in anti-corruption.

The authorities strictly follow legal regulations on punishing heads of the agencies, organizations and units, if corruption cases occur in units under their management.

Result of the fight against corruption is considered one of the criteria to assess performance of the organizations, agencies and units and their staffs annually. The staffs and officials must strictly comply with legal regulations on corruption prevention and control according to the motto “The higher positions you hold, the more exemplary you must be”. Management and supervision over civil servants are increased; regulations on organization and personnel must be strictly realized.

Furthermore, inspection, examination, supervision, investigation as well as trial are enhanced; effort is increased to promote assessment and withdraw the corruption assets.

People’s awareness should be improved, and responsibility and role of the whole society should be increased for the fight against corruption.

Newspapers increase their role in detecting corruption, cooperate with authorities, provide information and documents to the authorities to handle corruption cases detected by the newspapers, while protecting the information sources as well as denouncers according to the law.

Directors of the departments, heads of agencies and sectors of the city, Chairpeople of the districts, suburban districts and towns prepare their plans on corruption prevention and control, give direction to make plan, consider and approve the plans. They also give direction to handle the proposals as well as decisions after inspection, and promote cooperation among authorities to detect and handle the corruption cases.

The Ha Noi Inspectorate is in charge of supervising, checking, assessing implementation of the plan, and acts as advisor to the Municipal People’s Committee in reporting result according to the Government’s instruction.

By Mai Phuong

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