City to sum up mid-term implementation of Municipal Party Committee's Program 01-CTr/TU (20:49 09/04/2018)

HNP - The Steering Committee of Municipal Party Committee Program 01 has recently issued Plan No. 21-KH/BCD on summing up mid-term implementation of Program 01-CTr/TU of the Municipal Party Committee (tenure 16) for the 2016-2020 period.

The plan aims to assess implementation of outcome of the leadership, instruction, implementation of Program 01-CTr/TU dated April 26, 2016 of the Municipal Party Committee entitled “Increasing leadership and fighting capacity of Party units and qualities of officials and Party members in the whole system; continuing implementation of Resolution of the 4th Party Central Committee (tenure 11) to create significant change of Party building and consolidation; building the strong, transparent political system at all levels in the 2016-2020 period”.

It also assess the situation and outcome of projects and programs in framework of Plan No. 06-KH/BCD dated August 3, 2016, Announcement No. 11-TB/BC dated March 14, 2017, Announcement No. 12-TB/BCD dated March 20, 1977 of the Steering Committee of the Program.

After assessing the situation and outcome, the Steering Commitee will promote popularization of outstanding collectives and individuals who have excellent performance in implementing the Program, and point out shortcomings, problems and reasons. It will also suggest measures to increase leadership and enhance implementation of the Program, thus meeting targets of Program 01 and contributing to successfully implementing Resolution of the 15th Ha Noi Party Congress and resolutions of the Party Congresses at all levels.

The Steering Committee will focus on leadership, implementation, favorable conditions and difficulties during the implementation process, achievements, advantages, shortcomings and reasons. Based on the result, it will identify key missions and measures to speed up the progress, increase quality and effectiveness of the Program from now to the end of the tenure, suggest mechanisms, policies and measures to ease difficulties and ensure that targets of the program will be fulfilled. Report must show data and illustration as required; data must be collected from 2016 to the end of 2018.

The preliminary summing-up will be conducted in May.

By Mai Phuong

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