Guidance to improve human resources of agricultural cooperatives (05:44 09/02/2018)

HNP - The Office of Ha Noi People’s Committee issued Official Letter No. 910/VP-KT dated February 1, 2018, requesting city’s relevant agencies and sectors to guide how to improve human resources of agricultural cooperatives.

This is an activity to realize document of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on guiding how to improve human resources in agricultural cooperatives.

Accordingly, priority is given to allocating capital from state budget for 2018 under the National Target Program on New-style Rural Area Construction to support and enhance human resources inthe agricultural cooperatives. Authorities launch the pilot model to call on young officers who hold bachelor degree to work in the agricultural cooperatives. It will play an important role in developing the agricultural cooperatives, considering that production, business capacity and management of the agricultural cooperatives are still limited.

On the other side, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development asks localities to pay more attention to following issues:

- Conduct the activities efficiently; perform the tasks according to roadmap and plan, follow up the situation, assess the implementation and learn from experiences before applying them further;

- Launch the pilot model of bringing bachelor degree holders to agricultural cooperatives for work, select one officer for each agricultural cooperative in 2018;

- Select the agricultural cooperatives to be supported carefully and properly; assess their demand, and select proper and qualified officers for vacancies in the agricultural cooperatives; request the agricultural cooperatives to prepare their long-term plan to bring capacity of the officers into full play;

- Give priority to the officers and agricultural cooperatives that meet criteria according to instruction under Official Letter No. 5862/BNN-KTHT dated July 18, 2017 of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The Department of Cooperative Economy and Agricultural Development gives guidance, urges implementation progress, and checks application of the model of offering career opportunities in local agricultural cooperatives to bachelor degree holders.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development requests People’s Committees of cities and provinces under the Central Government to increase leadership and carry out the activities.

In response to the document, the Ha Noi People’s Committee requests Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in cooperation with relevant agencies to implement the task according to regulation and act as advisor to the Municipal People’s Committee. When encountering problems beyond their authority, they shall submit report to the People’s Committee to ask for further instruction.

By Mai Phuong

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