Striving for sustainable development of Ha Dong District (21:44 16/03/2017)

HNP - The Municipal Party Committee has recently issued Announcement 575-TB/TU, stating conclusion of Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Hoang Trung Hai at working session with Ha Dong District Party Committee.  

Accordingly, the Secretary urges Ha Dong district to further bring its tradition of unity, potential and strength into full play, and strive to comprehensively fulfill the political tasks in 2017. Special attention is paid on following tasks:

(1) For Party and political system building: take drastic measures to further improve leadership of the Party units at all levels, specify responsible people, tasks, progress and effectiveness, and increase dialogues with the people; improve performance of the Fatherland Front, political and social organizations in conducting popularization, calling for people’s participation and creating consensus among the people to realize policies of the Party, the Government, the city and the district.

Party unit, government, Fatherland Front Committees and social, political organizations of Ha Dong district must pay more attention to launch Year of Administrative Discipline 2017 campaign and Code of Conduct for officials and civil servants in city’s agencies, promote the role of leaders, and conduct inspection regularly. They are also urged to enhance popularization and information work, and guide people how to use online public services effectively.

(2) For economic, cultural and social development: bring potentials and advantages of the district into full play, change structure of the economy towards industry, trade and service sectors, and boost high-quality trade and service with high economic value, in particular urban services, hence meeting people’s demand; bring potentials of the district into full play to develop services as the key economic sector, promote development of craft village tourism in association with spiritual tourism and eco-tourism; preserve and promote values of craft villages in association with tourism development and environment protection, and make the villages tourist attractions.

Ha Dong district improves planning and investment in traffic infrastructure, especially connect urban areas and old residential areas with key traffic routes, such as National Road 6, Road 70 and the North-south road; attracts resources to build a modern traffic system for further development of the district; increases investment in infrastructure, and enhances transfer of service land and issuance of land use right certificate for the people.

Furthermore, the district makes more effort to develop culture, education and healthcare; takes measures to ensure social security and improve people’s life, especially organize vocational training and create jobs for laborers; improves quality of “All people join hands to build new-style rural areas and civilized urban” movement, and creates cultural environment; conducts popularization, and calls on people to have civilized lifestyle and behaviors in public places.

(3) For political security, social order and safety: cooperate with authorities of Ha Noi to handle large crowd of petitioners leading to social and political disorder at citizen reception offices in the district; proactively keep up with the situation and prevent all destructive activities of hostile forces; enhance reception of citizens and settlement of complaints and denunciations; handle complicated, prolonged cases of complaint and denunciation, and prevent new cases; implement mass mobilization and religious affairs; handle disputes in the people to prevent hot spots.

By Mai Phuong

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