Increasing effort to perform task of state budget revenues and expenses (19:44 03/06/2018)

 HNP - The Ha Noi People’s Committee issued Document No. 2378/UBND-KT dated March 30, requesting city’s agencies, departments and sectors, People’s Committees of districts and towns to perform the task of state budget revenues and expenses.

Regarding estimates of state budget revenues, the taxation and customs authorities shall closely cooperate with agencies and sectors at all levels to implement Law on State Budget, Law on Fee, and amended, supplemented Law on Taxation as well as the task of collecting state budget according to Decision of the Prime Minister and Resolution of the Municipal People's Council, and ensure that the fees, charges and other revenues are collected properly and fully.

They also conduct inspection and examination to prevent the loss of tax, review and sum up tax debts of each enterprise in the fields under their charge; increase effort to urge tax debt collection and take coercive measures to collect the tax debts according to legal regulations; publicize the list of units with tax debt in mass media.

Agencies at all levels and sectors increase examination to fight smuggling and commercial fraud; review and identify the objects that receive land from the State or rent land from the State, complete land dossiers and forward them to the tax authorities, so that the latter will identify their financial obligations, urge them to fulfill their obligations and collect all proceeds to the state budget.

People’s Committees of districts and towns speed up progress of the procedures, conduct land use right auction in the area according to Plan No. 99/KH-UBND dated April 27, 2018 of the Municipal People’s Committee; direct the Section of Finance and Plan to check the proceeds from land use right auction, and send them to the state budget fully; monthly submit report to the Department of Finance according to regulation.

Regarding management and operation of state budget expenses, the state budget must be spent efficiently and properly according to estimates as well as policies and mechanism. State budget is managed properly in order to maintain social welfares and balance state budget at all levels; unnecessary expenses must be reviewed and terminated; meetings, seminars, conferences and oversea business trips must be minimized, thus reducing expenditure and saving regular expenses for further development.

Ha Noi People’s Committee requests more effort to speed up progress of launching autonomous financing mechanism in public agencies in association with the roadmap to calculate public service charge as stipulated in Decree No. 16/2015/NĐ-CP dated February 14, 2015 of the Government, and to speed up the city’s plan on reviewing, suggesting public agencies eligible of increasing revenues and reducing regular expenses, then submit it to the Department of Finance, so that the latter will sum up information and report to the Municipal People’s Committee for further consideration.

Furthermore, the Municipal People’s Committee asks for better quality of inspection and examination, and strict implementation of conclusion of the inspection agencies and State Audit. Violations must be punished severely.


Administration reform should be further implemented, along with application of information technology in state agencies according to plan of the Municipal People’s Committee.

Policies and mechanisms are reviewed and supplemented for transparency and convenience in accordance with newly issued laws and decrees as well as requirement of international economic integration.

By Mai Phuong

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