City to perform tasks in smuggling, commercial fraud and fake prevention (05:42 07/02/2018)

HNP - The Steering Committee for Prevention and Control of Smuggling, Commercial Fraud and Fake Products (Steering Committee 389) of Ha Noi issued Plan No. 38/KH-BCD/TP dated February 2 on performing key tasks in the fight against smuggling, commercial fraud and counterfeit products in 2018 in the city.

Member agencies of Steering Committees 389 of Ha Noi, districts, suburban districts and towns shall make specific plans to follow up the situation, determine the route, area, field and operation of feature target groups as well as commodities, for which control should be tightened.

Accordingly, inspection and control shall be increased, focusing on key commodities which have great effect on the socio-economic situation, production and business of enterprises and rights of the consumers.

Special attention is paid to prohibited products, such as drugs, explosives, firecrackers, false dissident documents, wild animals and plants, gold, foreign currency, used machinery and equipment; commodities for which high tax and special consumption tax are applied, and commodities which affect the economy significantly, such as tobacco, alcohol and gasoline; consumer goods which are counterfeit goods, violate intellectual property rights, are smuggled, are low-quality, and affect people’s health, production and environment, including food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, functional foods, food additives, banned substances in food processing, fertilizers, plant protection products, veterinary drugs, animal feeds, chemicals and banned substances in livestock.

Furthermore, cooperation and examination shall be increased, and control tightened over the routes from Northern border area and nearby provinces to Ha Noi, airways, waterways, wholesale markets, commercial centers and storage sites, especially sites in key areas like Dong Xuan market in Hoan Kiem district, Ninh Hiep market in Gia Lam district, Hoa Binh market in Hai Ba Trung district, Ha Noi Train Station, GIap Bat Train Station, GIa Lam Train Station, and Noi Bai International Airport.

Smuggling, trade of banned products, smuggled products, production and trade of fake, low-quality products and commercial fraud must be detected and punished severely.

Authorities of Ha Noi, of the Central Government and other provinces shall increase cooperation, especially in border areas, thus enhancing the flight against smuggling, commercial fraud and counterfeit goods.

Information work and popularization shall be promoted to call for more participation of the people in the fight against smuggling, commercial fraud and fake products. Collectives and individuals with excellent performance in combating smuggling, commercial fraud and fakes shall be recognized and praised. Popularization shall be conducted, focusing on cases of violation and how to handle them, thus warning the people of illegal businesses which affect health and cause economic damages to consumers and lawfully businesses.

Market control and inspection shall be conducted, along with activities to stabilize the market, minimize impact on production and business of enterprises which comply with the law,

Measures shall be taken to help enterprises ease difficulties, guide them how to improve competitiveness capacity, production and business, and enhance quality of products as well as sense of responsibility in the fight against smuggling, commercial fraud and fake products.

People and community increase their role of supervision in the fight against smuggling, commercial fraud and fake products, and raise effectiveness of state management over commerce.

By Mai Phuong

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