City to implement food safety plan for 2018 (10:08 04/01/2018)

HNP - According to Plan No. 253/KH-UBND on food safety management in 2018 issued recently by the Municipal People’s Committee, the city expects to increase food safety management capacity, improve awareness on food safety of managers, producers, traders and consumers.

The People’s Committee requests units to take following actions:

- Strengthen leadership and capacity to manage food safety;
- Assign responsible units to manage food safety in the areas; increase movement on food safety, and overcome shortcomings; improve and enhance food safety management; promote the cooperation program on supervising food safety between People’s Committees and Viet Nam Fatherland Front Committees at all levels;
- Prepare documents, and popularize them in the units; add criteria of food safety into socio-economic development plan of localities;
- Promote the role and responsibility of People’s Committees and Steering Committees for Food Safety at all levels, especially in communes, wards and towns;
- Improve the Steering Committees and officers in charge of food safety from city level to commune/ ward level according to regulations;
- Organize training courses and seminars for officers of the Steering Committees from city level to commune/ ward level, as well as owners of food processing, manufacturing and trading enterprises;
- Diversify the popularization activities;
- Launch Action Month for Food Safety, Peak Campaign on Food Safety, programs “Joining Hands for Food Safety” and “Safe Meal”, cooperation program on supervising food safety between People’s Committees and Viet Nam Fatherland Front Committees at all levels, and emulation movements on food safety and methanol poisoning prevention;
- Organize communication activities to popularize knowledge of food safety and guide them how to process, store and use food safely, and encourage people to sign commitment on food safety;
- Organize training on food poisoning response;
- Increase inspection, examination, and supervise the implementation of legal regulation on food safety;
- Build the system to give warning on food safety and promptly handle information of food safety;
- Take drastic measures to handle violations in cultivation, slaughter, agro, fishery and forestry processing, food production and trading, food service trading and street food;
- Continue effort to develop and consume safe vegetable in Ha Noi in the period of 2016 to 2020; complete policy on developing concentrated production zones to implement city’ programs; maintain and develop safe product supply chains, and issue certificates for safe agro-fishery-forestry products;
- Build policy to support safe product manufacturing and trading facilities;
- Launch pilot system to check QR code, manage and check origin of products, thus increasing food safety of fruits in shops; increase the use of the system to track product origin, especially for products at high risk like vegetable, meat and aquatic products;
- Invest and develop the market system in Ha Noi by renovating and improving the current markets, while expanding and developing new markets according to the planning;
- Increase examination and control, check current roadside markets, commercial centers, convenience stores and fruit shops in Ha Noi;
- Use specialized vehicles to test food safety in markets, supermarkets, food production and trading facilities.

By Mai Phuong

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