Mobilizing forces and equipment to respond to incidents (19:12 10/06/2018)

HNP - The Office of Ha Noi People’s Committee issued Announcement No. 119/TB-VP dated May 5, 2018, stating conclusion of Permanent Vice Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee Nguyen Van Suu at the conference on search, rescue and collaboration among agencies in 2018.

Accordingly, the Command of Capital shall prepare plan, cooperate with relevant agencies, People’s Committees of districts, suburban districts and towns to mobilize and allocate forces as well as equipment to search, rescue and protect dykes and reservoirs in emergencies such as flood and storm; give instruction for rescue, timely handle emergencies, and overcome consequences of flood and storm.

The Ha Noi Police Department shall proactively build plan and measures and implement them, as well as maintaining political security, social order and safety in case of natural disasters, fire, explosion, accidents; carrying out search and rescue, rescue plan in case of traffic disasters and prolonged traffic jam, and plan on rescue in case of overcrowded places; mobilize forces to arrange traffic flow and guide people at the places affected by flood, storm, flooding, fire, explosion and collapse of construction work in Ha Noi.

The Police Department of Fire Fighting and Prevention shall prepare fire safety, search and rescue plan if there are fire in high-rise buildings, urban areas, industrial zones, residential areas, and there are people affected by the accidents; give instruction to identify responsibilities in fire fighting and prevention, conduct popularization and information work, and promote sense of responsibilities of the whole political system for fire fighting and prevention; request fire safety forces at grassroots level, management boards of apartment buildings, supermarkets, industrial zones to conduct training on fire fighting and prevention for protecting offices, factories, plants and residential areas; proactively prevent and control the fire once it occurs.

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development shall make and implement plans on forest protection, development, forest fire prevention and fighting; direct the forest rangers in collaboration with army, police, police of fire fighting and prevention to protect the forest, prevent and control fires; closely follow up situation of the forest, and timely mobilize forces to handle forest fire.

The Department of Construction shall review,  make statistics of old, degraded apartment buildings, houses outside of the dikes, near river banks and in low-lying areas which face high risk of flooding, areas where trees are likely to fall, and works under construction; prepare plan for searching and rescuing, preventing the fallen of trees and collapse of houses; move people from unsafe areas in case of floods, storms, fallen trees and house collapse.

The Department of Transport shall build plan to arrange traffic flow for each zone; prepare forces, equipment and supplies in key places to maintain traffic flow on the key routes in case of floods, tree falling, house collapse, fire and explosion.
The Department of Construction shall instruct search and rescue in case of fire, explosion, break of oil and gas pipelines, and power plants; make plan on cooperating with Police Department of Fire Fighting and Prevention, Police, Army and relevant units to fulfill the task of fire, explosion prevention and control in industry.

The Department of Natural Resources and Environment shall give instruction for search and rescue in case of leaking, spreading toxic chemicals and radioactive substances; proactively prepare plan to cooperate with Police, Army and Police Department of Fire Fighting and Prevention as well as another units to ensure safety in case of chemical accidents.

Other agencies and departments are in charge of cooperating with the authorities according to their missions and functions, giving instruction, and performing the task of preventing and controlling natural disasters, fire, explosion, forest fire, as well as search and  rescue; build plan, strengthen leadership, prepare conditions to implement the plans on natural disasters, fire, explosion, forest fire prevention and control, search and  rescue.

People’s Committees of districts  and towns organize meetings with army forces, focusing on workforce and equipment for natural disaster prevention and control, search and rescued; it must be completed by June 15. They also prepare forces, supplies and equipment to carry out the plans.

By Mai Phuong

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