City to ensure traffic order, safety and reduce traffic congestion for 2018 (10:11 04/01/2018)

HNP – The People’s Committee of Ha Noi released Plan No. 254/KH-UBND on December 28, ensuring traffic order, safety and reducing traffic jams in the capital city in 2018.

The plan aims at drawing the participation of the entire political system, especially identifying responsibilities of authorities at all levels and relevant departments, sectors, agencies in ensuring traffic order, safety and reducing traffic congestion in the area; strengthening and improving the quality and efficiency of communication activities to raise the people’s awareness; gradually building traffic culture; creating the consensus in implementing Traffic Law, missions and solutions so as to reduce traffic jams and accidents in the capital city.
It is essential to enhance inspection and tighten discipline and ensure traffic safety in transport operation; effectively manage parking lots; improve the quality and efficiency of public transport services; boost the application of science and technology in traffic management and operation so as to gradually set up smart traffic system in the area.
It is necessary to improve the people’s awareness and self-consciousness in enforcing the Traffic Law to build safe traffic culture among local residents, especially youths; ensure the quality of public passenger transport services to record a year-on-year surge of between 7-8%; reduce road and railway accidents by 5 to 10% compared to 2017.
Additionally, reducing traffic congestion and minimizing traffic congestion hotspots should be focused on. 
It is essential to ensure the progress and quality of repairing and installing traffic lights at 31 intersections on the list of the target program on minimizing jams and 35 categories which need repairing so as to ensure traffic safety in 2018; strive to remove 10 hot spots of traffic congestion, etc.

By Tran Huong

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