Further attention to protect the environment, kill mosquito larvae and spray repellent (21:26 11/10/2017)

HNP - The Municipal People’s Committee has recently issued Document 242/TB-VP, stating conclusion of Vice Chairman of the Municipal People’s Committee Ngo Van Quy at online conference on dengue fever prevention and control.

Due to weather change and high temperature, dengue fever in Ha Noi might outbreak and spread again. Therefore, the Municipal People’s Committee requests Directors and Head of city’s Departments and agencies, Chairpeople of People’s Committees of districts and towns, agencies and units headquartered in the city to perform following tasks:

- Continue effort and leadership to clean up the environment, kill mosquito larvae and spray repellent thoroughly;

- Spray chemicals in disease-infected areas, especially the ones in communes and wards, call for participation of households, and take measures to deal with households and individuals who have uncooperative attitude;

- Offer incentive and encouragement, and adjust personnel structure to mobilize students to take part in working groups and supervision groups in charge of checking environmental sanitation and eradicating mosquito larvae in households and offices in Ha Noi;

- Assign Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of Ha Noi to direct secretaries of local Youth Unions to check establishment of the working groups and weekly activities to ensure environmental sanitation and kill mosquito in offices and construction sites on Saturday and Sunday;

- Increase effort to check environmental sanitation, mosquito eradication and repellent spraying in communes, wards, towns and residential groups;

- Take further measures to conduct popularization and encourage people to prevent and fight dengue fever; maintain popularization conducted by students in schools and families.

The Municipal People’s Committee requests the health sector to receive patients, allocate them, and guide measures to prevent and fight dengue fever.

By Mai Phuong

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