Dong Anh district: more effort to improve criteria of new-style rural area construction (19:02 10/10/2017)

HNP - The Municipal Party Committee has recently issued Announcement 897/TB-TU to state conclusion of Ngo Thi Thanh Hang, Permanent Vice Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, at working session with Dong Anh suburban district.

Accordingly, in an effort to innovate education and training and improve quality of new-style rural area construction criteria in the 2017-2020 period, the Dong Anh Party Committee’s standing members and Dong Anh Steering Committee for New-style Rural Area Construction shall speed up progress of planning schemes on land use, rural residential areas, district center and technical infrastructure; they will serve as basis to attract investment, technical and social infrastructure, and connect with general scheme as well as zoning scheme approved by the central government and city.

Investment in schools should be in-depth and concentrated. The district shall invest in common houses of communes comprehensively, and mobilize investment of the people and enterprises to carry out the work on schedule. Based on general planning, cultural centers should connect with the infrastructure of surrounding areas. For investment in quarter of the district’s Party Committee, People’s Council and People’s Committee, priority shall be given to degraded places, especially typical communes in new-style rural area construction.

Apart from budget of the district and financial support of the city, Dong Anh shall proactively mobilize resources of enterprises and call for assistance of urban districts to build schools and common houses.
The district shall increase leadership, improve quality and capacity of staffs, give detailed assignment and deadline for each project, thus ensuring the quality and progress of the works.

For their part, city’s departments and agencies determine their missions, act as advisor, give proposal and cooperate with Dong Anh to help the district ease difficulties and increase quality as well as efficiency of the work. They shall also review and perform tasks according to instruction of the Municipal Party Committee Secretary under Announcement 587-TB/TU dated March 17, 2017 of the Municipal Party Committee, regularly report results, and submit proposal to the Municipal Party Committee and People’s Committee if the issue goes beyond their authority.

The Dong Anh People’s Committee are assigned to make land auction project for particular areas, and give it to departments and sectors for further consideration; take measures to increase revenue from land use for further investment in new-style rural area construction; request project investors to build schools and cultural, social infrastructure before other works in order to reduce pressure on current school and infrastructure system; proactively call on investors to support construction of cultural, social and education in the district.

Projects which fulfill procedure and meet conditions for construction shall be begun, including Bac Hong Secondary School, kindergarten in Nguyen Khe Commune, Hoa Sen Kindergarten in Viet Hung Commune, and kindergarten in Xuan Canh Commune. Favorable conditions shall be created for Dong Anh People’s Committee to launch project on renovating two national historical sites, including Nam Hong Tunnel and Xuan Canh Communal House.

For their part, city’s agencies and sectors shall act as advisors, and join hands to speed up the progress of education and livelihood projects in Kim Chung and Dong Hoi communes.

By Mai Phuong

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