Progress in food safety management (16:03 12/07/2017)

HNP - The Ha Noi People’s Committee has recently issued Report 197/BC-UBND on result after implementing Directive 13/CT-TTg dated May 9, 2016 of the Government on increasing state management of food safety in Ha Noi.

According to report, the city witnesses an increasing number of food facilities. There are 59,109 food establishments in the city, six industrial slaughterhouses, 15 semi-industrial slaughterhouses, 4 hand slaughterhouses and 1,047 small, individual slaughterhouses. Furthermore, Ha Noi has 454 markets, 120 supermarkets and 22 commercial centers. According to the assessment, Ha Noi’s agriculture production meets only 69% of demand for meat and 60% of demand for vegetable; the rest are provided by other provinces. There are 11,946 food safety management officers, 254 of them are specialized, including 172 specialized in health, 78 in agriculture and rural development, and 4 in industry and trade.

After implementing Government’s Directive 13/CT-TTg dated May 9, 2016 on increasing state management of food safety in one year, Ha Noi witnesses a significant progress. The Municipal People’s Committee takes drastic and comprehensive measures. Party units, governments at all levels, agencies, sectors and unions join hands for food safety management; the Steering Committees for Food Safety at all levels are consolidated, and instructions given on time.

Food safety management authorities promote close and effective cooperation, and further maintain commitment to controlling food origin and connection for consumption neighboring provinces. The Department of Health, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and Department of Industry and Trade implement coordination regulations, while agencies at all levels and sectors cooperate for examination and supervision of food safety in Ha Noi.

Communication work is enhanced. Management agencies proactively cooperate with press agencies to open new columns of food safety, and publicize the list of the establishments that provide safe/ unsafe food on their websites.

Specialized and inter-sector inspection and examination are promoted, especially in Lunar New Year, festivals and peak campaigns on preventing Methanol poisoning; severe punishments are applied to the establishments which break the law. Many establishments purchase new and comprehensive supplies for production and trade in effort to improve sense of complying with regulations on food safety and environmental sanitation in business area.
The city also successfully carries out programs and models of food safety. Control is tightened over food services, street food and wholesale market management. Food safety of conferences is guaranteed; effort is increased to supervise and prevent food poisoning, and timely handle food poisoning cases in the area.

By Mai Phuong

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