Many solutions to remove difficulties and develop businesses (17:09 06/04/2018)

HNP – The Ha Noi People’s Committee granted Official Letter No. 1406/UBND-KT on April 3, deploying a series of solutions to remove difficulties and support business development in the area.

Accordingly, the Municipal People’s Committee asked departments, sectors and agencies to review and simplify administrative procedures and reduce time, cost for businesses; build friendly agencies and public servants;  effectively carry out the working theme of the year “Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the political system”; strengthen the popularization to draw enterprises’ support and cooperation in programs on administrative reform and settlement, especially implementing online public services at level 3, 4; complete online public services in time.

Inspection teams led by the Department of Home Affairs will monitor results of dealing with administrative procedures of departments, sectors, districts, towns and give reports to the Municipal People’s Committee; publicize state agencies’ activities; set up cooperation mechanism between authorities at all levels and enterprises through portals.

The Department of Planning and Investment is tasked to focus on enhancing free consultancy and guidelines on performing dossier, procedures of business registration to local enterprises; settling business registration procedures in time via internet.

The Department of Natural Resources and Environment is in charge of reviewing regulations on land acquisition, land clearance, land lease for small and medium enterprises; research and propose policies as breakthroughs in promoting businesses’ production and trade.

The Department of Industry and Trade will review regulations relating to implementing Decree No. 09/2018/ND-CP dated January 15, 2018 of the Government; deal with procedures of granting, adjusting, adding and re-issuing business licenses as stipulated by law; ensure processes, procedures and time of granting of business licenses for foreign investors and economic organization with foreign-owned capital as stipulated by law; remove difficulties in settling procedures for investors; focus on large-scale projects so as to complete dossier and speed up the licensing progress; urge to implement drastic measures to accelerate the construction and capital disbursement since the beginning of the year; improve the quality of dialogues with the enterprise community and drastically handle their problems; announce  and give reports on results of dialogues and contents beyond its competence to the Department of Planning and Investment.


The Department of Planning and Investment is in charge of cooperating with relevant agencies to early build and submit the project “Supporting innovative startups in the first quarter of 2018 in the capital city” to the Municipal People’s Committee for its promulgation; well implementing the startup assistance plan in the area.

Departments of Taxation, Customs will continue strengthening administrative reform and reducing cost and time for enterprises to implement public procedures; tightening the management of tax collection; propose policies on tax collection and simple accounting system as stipulated by law.

The Department of Science and Technology will carry out more solutions to assist local businesses in innovating technology and applying science and technology via relevant programs and projects on technology innovation.


Associations of businesses will bring into full play their roles as a bridge between the city authorities with enterprises; give reports on difficulties, shortcomings and proposals of enterprises to the Municipal People’s Committee for its consideration and settlement.

By Tran Huong

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