Measures taken to ensure food safety in May (21:09 05/06/2018)

HNP - In May, member departments and sectors of the Ha Noi Steering Committee for Food Safety continued their effort to carry out Plan No. 119/KH-UBND dated June 1, 2017 of the Municipal People’s Committee on handling shortcomings and improving efficiency and performance to maintain food safety in the capital city.

The Department of Health organized a seminar in May to connect canteens and food supply chains, attracting 150 participants; checked and inspected food safety in food production, processing and trading facilities. Specialized inspection mission of the Department of Food Safety and Hygiene and Department of Health’s Inspectorate conducted inspection and examination in 45 facilities, and punished 21 of them with total fine of VND 69.75 million.

The authorities issued certificates for food safety knowledge to 1,455 people dealing with food production, processing and trading; granted 127 certificates to facilities that meet food safety requirements, and 11 certificates to verify contents of food advertisements. Articles and reportages on food safety are also broadcasted on newspapers and radios.

The Department of Industry and Trade reviewed and built a network of producing, processing, distributing and managing food safety in Ha Noi. Currently, the city has 124 supermarkets, 22 commercial centers, 454 markets, as well as many food stores and shops in 30 districts, suburban districts and towns. The Department connected food manufacturing facilities and guided them how to bring their products into supermarkets and commercial centers in Ha Noi in order to form a close chain of producers, distributors and consumers.

Program on tracking food origin with smart technology are developed and implemented. Now customers can use their smart phones to check the origin of certain products in Metro and Fivimart supermarkets, products of Ha Noi Cooperative Alliance and goods in some food shops in the city.

According to the latest report of urban districts, by the end of April 2018, there are 887 fruit shops in urban districts of Ha Noi.

Regarding to roadside markets, the city successfully eliminated 152 among 213 roadside markets; the remaining markets will be solved in the near future.

Regarding to inspection of domestic animals and livestock, from April 18 to May 17, the city conducted inspection and handled violation in food production and trading facilities in Ha Noi. The Market Surveillance Department checked and handled 214 cases, collected administrative fine of VND 857.975 million, and destructed the goods with total amount of VND 453.08 million. It also handled 13 cases of prohibited goods, and fined VND 101.75 million, total amount of the goods was VND 62.115 million; 111 cases of smuggled goods, and fined VND 881.6 million, and total amount of goods was VND 1.862 million.

By Mai Phuong

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