City plans target in health care for employees and occupational disease prevention and control (09:43 13/06/2018)

HNP - The Ha Noi People’s Committee issued the Plan No. 129/KH-UBND dated June 7th on health care for employees, occupational disease prevention and control to 2020 in capital city.

Accordingly, Ha Noi sets the following targets to improve the capacity of the health care sector. By 2020, there will be establishment eligible of labor environment monitoring according to regulation, and there will be standard clinics for occupational diseases according to regulation. Over 50% of medical workers will be trained and get certificate of labor health; over 80% of staff  in charge of first aid in work places will be trained. Database of occupational diseases and labor environment will be developed.

Regarding to targets of qualification of labor health and occupational diseases, Ha Noi has following targets: over 70% of large-sized enterprises and 30% of small, medium enterprises prone to occupational diseases will have labor environment monitoring; 50% of laborers of establishments facing with elements harmful to the health will enjoy medical checkups. All victims of occupational diseases will receive first aid, treatment and rehabilitation according to regulation. Health care model for laborers in unstructured sector will be built.

Regarding to information and communications , Ha Noi has goals as following: over 20 occupational villages and 50 cooperatives facing high risk of work diseases will get access to information of health care for employees and disease prevention and control. Over 90% of people in charge of managing, instructing health care for employees at the district/ town level, in management boards of industrial zones, processing zones and high-tech zones will be trained to improve their capacity of work safety and sanitation as well as occupational disease prevention and control.

In terms of work safety and sanitation for medical workers, the city sets tasks as follow. All medical establishments and units can integrate issues to popularize knowledge of work safety and sanitation, occupational disease prevention and control. All employers, work safety and sanitation officers will be trained and receive certificates of work safety and sanitation; all workers in the fields of subjects need strict requirements of work safety and sanitation will get training and receive work safety card; all employees will be trained and receive work safety and sanitation certificate. All units and labor establishments in the field of health care will make dossiers of working environment sanitation, monitor the working environment annualy, offer health checkup to workers before assignment, offer regular medical examination to the workers, and make health management records of the staffs. All employees will have personal protective equipment, as well as necessary emergency and rescue facilities to prevent and respond to incidents and work accidents during working process.

By Mai Phuong

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