City to sum up 20 years of implementing Directive No. 25-CT/TU of Municipal Party Committee (20:32 29/11/2017)

HNP - The Ha Noi Party Committee has recently issued Plan No. 59-KH/TU on summing up implementation of Directive No. 25-CT/TU dated November 15, 1997 of the Municipal Party Committee’s Standing Commission on increasing quality and leadership for press - publishing management in Ha Noi.

Accordingly, the plan focuses on the following tasks:

- Assess the popularization and issuance of documents, policies and plans to implement Directive 25 of the Municipal Party Committee’s Standing Commission; assess awareness, role, responsibilities and cooperation among authorities, press - publishing managing agencies and other responsible agencies in implementing Directive 25, especially in the process of press planning, construction and consolidation;

- Inspect and assess the result of press and publishing management in Ha Noi, focusing on significant progress, cooperation between press agencies and city’s departments, agencies, districts and towns in providing information for socio-economic development tasks; point out shortcomings and problems for each task under Directive 25; learn experiences, assess the situation and development trend of press, and indicate problems and challenges for the future;

- Propose measures to improve quality of press and publishing in Ha Noi in the new context; praise individuals and collectives with excellent performance in implementing Directive 25.

The summarization is implemented at the end of November. Agencies and units sum up the implementation, and submit a report as well as a list of excellent individuals and collectives to the Municipal Party Committee's Commission of Propaganda and Education by December 1, 2017. The Municipal Party Committee will organize conference to sum up the implementation at the end of December 2017.

By Mai Phuong

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