City to increase inspection in functional food and plant protection product stores (21:45 16/03/2017)

HNP - The Ha Noi People’s Committee has recently granted Announcement 160/TB-UBND to state conclusion of the Municipal People’s Committee Chairman at the meeting of city’s Steering Committee for Food Safety.

Accordingly, city’s agencies, departments and People’s Committees of districts and towns make statistics, and request all enterprises and individuals dealing with production, cultivation and trade in Ha Noi to register origin of their products, so that it can be checked on internet.  

The Department of Industry and Trade in cooperation with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, People’s Committee of districts, suburban districts and towns to increase popularization and inspection in slaughterhouses, especially in Chuong My, Thanh Tri, Hoang Mai, Gia Lam and Phu Xuyen suburban districts where the slaughterhouses are located. Inspection will focus on condition and requirements for slaughter.     

The Authority of Plan and Investment in cooperation with Department of Planning and Architecture prepare location and make policies to encourage investment in wholesale markets and slaughterhouses, hence gradually reducing small and individual slaughterhouses. They also report to the Municipal People’s Committee, so that the People’s Committee will give announcement in Investment Promotion Conference and call on organizations, individuals to invest in wholesale markets and retail shops which connect production and distribution chains.  

Inspection and examination are enhanced in canteens, especially canteens of kindergartens, high schools, vocational training schools, universities, colleges, industry and processing zones during the period between spring and summer. The canteens must meet standards of food origin, cooking and food preservation to prevent food poisoning, especially collective poisoning cases.

The Market Surveillance Agency under Department of Industry and Trade cooperates with the Ha Noi Police Department to increase inspection and examination, and strictly handle facilities as well as individuals producing wine from industrial alcohols and flavor blends, hence preventing fake and low-quality products.

People’s Committees of districts, especially urban districts, check and improve markets under their management, and complete the work by the end of 2017. They also study models of steel framed booths in the markets, arrange and classify commodities in the area to control food safety, and call for private sector's investment in the markets.

The Ha Noi Police Department in cooperation with local governments, police of districts and towns urge local police officers to increase inspection in functional food and plant protection product stores. They are liable for fake, low-quality products which are packaged in the areas under their management.

The Department of Health in coordination with Department of Construction, People’s Committees of districts and towns intensify inspection of water quality in facilities, Water Plant No. 1, Water Plant No. 2, enterprises and individuals dealing with water production and trade, hence guaranteeing water quality and preventing infection and contamination, especially in the summer.

The Department of Home Affairs launches model of specialized inspection in all districts, suburban districts, towns, communes and wards of Ha Noi according to instruction of Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam, in particular instruction on street food.

By Mai Phuong

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