City studies to amend general planning for socio-economic development (15:06 15/03/2017)

HNP - The Municipal People’s Committee has recently issued Announcement 159/TB-UBND to state conclusion of the Chairman at the meeting on outline, missions and issues relating to amending general planning for socio-economic development of Ha Noi.

Accordingly, the Authority of Plan and Investment is assigned to act as focal point in advising amendment of Ha Noi’s general planning scheme on socio-economic development; sum up relevant legal documents, and cooperate with the Institute of Development Strategies under Ministry of Plan and Investment to define process and procedure for McKensey Singapore Company; suggest working location for McKensey's advisors and city’s officials.

City’s departments and agencies sum up the information, report orientation in the fields under their management, and submit to the Authority of Plan and Investment, so that the latter will summarize information and provide it to McKensey.

The Department of Home Affairs acts as advisor to the Municipal People’s Committee in assigning 20 to 25 qualified officials from the People’s Committee Office, departments, agencies, districts and towns to study and amend the planning scheme.

McKensey Singapore sends qualified and experienced experts and staffs, submits a list of attendees and their personal information as well as experiences to the Municipal People’s Committee; makes outline of amending the planning scheme; specifies progress and service prices as basis for negotiation and contract signing; proactively contacts with the Authority of Plan and Investment to receive up-to-date information; makes outline and sends it to the Municipal People’s Committee.

By Mai Phuong

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