Effective and proper application of information technology (06:52 18/07/2017)

HNP - The Municipal People’s Committee has recently issued Announcement 699/TB-UBND on conclusion of Municipal People’s Committee Chairman and Head of Steering Committee for Applying Information Technology at the meeting of the steering committee.

Accordingly, for the second half of 2017, Chairman of the Municipal People’s Committee gives instruction as follows:


- Apply the information technology effectively and on the right track; protect security of the system; take comprehensive and sustainable measures to create Big Data of the city and build the 4th Data Center with air-cooled technology;

- Build core database: along with 11 issues proposed by the Department of Information and Communications at meeting of the steering committee, Ha Noi will continue effort to build and maintain database of population, database of land, database of enterprises and individual family-owned businesses, and database of cadres and civil servants; launch 200 shopping places connecting with electronic taxation and billing system;

- Order and hire information technology services according to regulations in order to launch the software (the Acceptance Council will be established according to the progress of software building); register copyrights.

The Chairman also assigns Department of Information and Communications to take following actions:

- Cooperate with units which provide elevator and lift advertisement in apartment buildings to popularize online public services; consider and set up specialized electronic equipments to process online public services at crowded residential groups and apartment buildings;

- Cooperate with the Department of Finance to ask for opinions of Ministry of Finance on piloting the model of collecting fee for online public services, and put it into use soon to prepare sources for re-investment;

- Cooperate with relevant units to bring smart equipments into households, along with 3G/ 4G SIM cards to pay tuition and utility bills online; each equipment carries its own code for each household;

- Coordinate with relevant units to build portals on creative start-up ecosystem, which serves as basis to collect database for the city’s start-up ecosystem; cooperate with relevant units to prepare facilities for launching online public services, collect and synchronize database of the city.

The Department of Education and Training integrates the content with study program, launches programs to guide online public services with the help of students, and updates information about students in the city’s database.

The Department of Health builds database of health workers and scientists, clinics, health facilities, pharmaceutical providers and medical traders. For software transferred by Ministry of Health, the Department reviews and assesses its function, language, data and capacity to share database with other programs of the city, thus guaranteeing comprehensiveness of city’s database and international integration. If the software does not satisfy city’s demand (lack of Vietnamese language or lack of data), it is not put into use.

The Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs completes database of contributors to the country, poor people and people over 80 years old in Ha Noi.  

The Ha Noi Police Department regularly updates data in the population database, urges local police to update information about population and household registration daily.

City’s departments, agencies and sectors, People’s Committees of districts, suburban districts and towns further enhance cooperation and guide people how to use online public services on their portals.

The Chairman also requests leaders of units to review administrative procedures under their authority, conduct examination, and urge officers to update data in the database.

By Mai Phuong

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