Ha Noi to make drastic effort for dengue fever prevention and control (19:48 11/09/2017)

HNP - The Municipal Party Committee issued Document 883-TB/TU dated September 7, announcing conclusion at online meeting on dengue fever prevention and control of the Municipal Party Committee, People’s Council and People’s Committee.

Accordingly, in order to overcome difficulties and enhance disease prevention and control especially in the upcoming peak time of November, the Ha Noi Party Committee, People’s Council and People’s Committee request Party units, governments at all levels, Fatherland Front, political and social organizations from city level to grassroots level to perform following tasks:

- Highlight dengue fever prevention and control as the top priority task, and further take drastic, comprehensive and continuous measures to perform it; allocate enough capitals for dengue fever prevention and control, carry out specific policy for workers who directly perform the task in hospitals, spray chemicals and supervise the situation; organize briefings to provide information and report daily;
- Take measures to perform six groups of key tasks stipulated in the Municipal People’s Committee report; pay special attention to communes and wards during the implementation process; assess effectiveness of dengue fever prevention and control activities according to decrease of patients. Ha Noi inspection and supervision missions closely cooperate with Ministry of Health inspection missions to conduct the examination and supervision;

- Increase popularization in different manners, such as information work on mass media and radios of communes and wards, popularization through meetings with people, mobile phone short message service, and among students and pupils; increase knowledge of complicated change of the weather, dengue fever, mosquito that can spread the disease and preventive measures, thus encouraging people to join hands for killing mosquito, cooperate with authorities to spray chemicals and visit doctors when experiencing symptoms of dengue fever;

- Mobilize local forces to take part in disease prevention and control activities, such as army, police, civil defense, members of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, students of universities and colleges. The health sector in cooperation with communes, wards and towns spray mosquito repellant; the education and training sector instruct schools to ensure environmental sanitation, prevent and control dengue fever, popularize measures to prevent disease and eradicate mosquito, and guide students how to do it in their houses; maintain activities to clean up the environment, check items and places prone to mosquito larva;

- Spray chemicals, and prepare schedule with detailed information of time and place; inform agencies, units and people about the schedule, and spray chemicals properly; improve performance of working groups in charge of eradicating mosquito larva and supervision teams according to the city's instruction on quantity of staffs, standards, equipments, supervision, daily briefings and reports. Leaders of the Party units, governments, Fatherland Front, political and social organizations of districts, suburban districts, towns, communes and wards prepare examination and supervision plans;

- Increase effort for following tasks: handle disease places, spray mosquito repellant widely, check and double-check places where mosquito larva exist, conduct popularization of disease prevention in households and health establishments; make statistics, specify first-time patients and follow-up visits to assess situation of the disease; check chemical spraying and re-spraying in hospitals, construction sites, schools, public places which have potential of disease outbreak.

By Mai Phuong

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