Increase measures to improve land access sub-index (17:38 17/10/2017)

HNP - The Ha Noi Party Committee has recently released Document 911-TB/TU, stating instruction of Standing Commission of the Party Committee on taking measures to improve land access sub-index, part of the Provincial Competitiveness Index.

Ha Noi has taken various measures to improve sub-index of land access. Thanks to drastic measures of agencies at all levels and sectors, a number of legal documents has been reviewed and finalized; time to process administrative procedures has been reduced. Online public services at level 3 and level 4 have been implemented. Inspection and examination have been increased to check violation of the Law on Land. Provincial Competitiveness Index of Ha Noi has been improved significantly.  

In an effort to further improve the land access sub-index, create favorable condition for production, business, and improve PCI, Ha Noi assigns the Party Official Section of Municipal People’s Committee to take following actions:

- Comprehensively take measures as stipulated in Report 395/BC-BCS dated September 5, 2017, in particular breakthrough measures to improve six issues of land access sub-index;

- Proactively ask for opinion, and collect feedback as well as proposals of enterprises during the process of making policy and measures to improve land access sub-index;

- Publicize information of land use plans and schemes in districts, towns, industrial clusters and zones, as well as information of projects, thus creating favorable conditions for enterprises to access land information;

- Increase examination and inspection to ensure implementation of the policies, procedures and processes, and help enterprises save cost and time; direct the Department of Natural Resources and Environment and relevant agencies to cooperate with People’s Committees of districts and towns in easing problems with site clearance and land procedures.

The Municipal People’s Committee requests Party units of the Municipal People’s Council to increase supervision over implementation of the plan to improve PCI, especially to raise land access sub-index, and report the result to the Party Committee.

By Mai Phuong

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