City to implement inspection plan for 2018 (18:49 07/12/2017)

HNP - The Ha Noi People’s Committee issued Decision No. 8391/QD-UBND dated December 1, approving inspection plan for 2018.

Accordingly, the inspection will focus on the following issues:
- Receive citizen, handle requests, complaints and denunciations; conduct administrative inspection, anti-corruption, and build the force of inspectorate; increase the popularization of law on citizen reception, complaints and denunciations;
- Maintain citizen reception activities at quarter of city inspectorate, as well as regular citizen reception sessions of leaders; cooperate with Board of Citizen Reception to help the Municipal People’s Committee in receiving citizens monthly; further implement Plan No. 153/KH-UBND dated June 29, 2017 of the Municipal People’s Committee on expanding the use of software to manage requests, complaints and denunciations;
- Increase effort to handle requests, complaints and denunciations, and report to the Municipal People’s Committee; strive to settle over 90% of the assigned cases;  
- Increase state management; proactively grasp the situation and report new cases; closely cooperate with agencies, sectors and units to handle the complaints and denunciations timely, thus contributing to stabilizing political security, developing economy and social affairs.

City’s departments, agencies, People’s Committees of districts and towns perform following tasks:
- Handle complaints and denunciations according to their authority, strive to settle over 90% of new cases, implement legally effective decisions, conduct further inspection and handle prolonged, complicated cases according to Plan 2100/KH-TTCP dated September 19, 2013 of the Government Inspectorate; build and implement plan to handle complicated cases which are prone to disorder;
- Strictly implement decisions on complaints and denunciations settlement, as well as written instructions of the Municipal People’s Committee and Central Government.  

By Mai Phuong

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